Saturday, August 1, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince - A Review

This six instalment of the Harry Potter saga... I didn't even know it is showing until my brother offered to take me to the movie...

After much anticipation of the rumoured- to- be the last movie of the saga, I have to say that I was greatly disappointed by the movie.

Reasons? Simple...

1. The movie robbed the mystery and suspense of the Half Blood Prince. The book offered so much anticipation and space for imagination on the identity of the Half Blood Prince. But in the movies, this Half Blood Prince is simply dethroned and degraded to a mere side story of the movie.

2. The plot of the movie is... EMPTY, not to say that the book has much to begin with in the first place. At the end of the movie, both me and my brother wondered what was the two and a half hour was all about... It doesn't have a good- paced storyline, the climax was... erm... not climatic and very short- lived, and the ending was very abrupt.

3. Why the hell did a fantasy and adventure movie like Harry Potter turned to a romance movie so suddenly? There are a fair amount of snogging, futile love, and very disgusting gestures throughout the movie that was not really entertaining to me. Instead, the "Won Won" part really got under my skin...

4. Unimaginative visual effects, bland soundtrack, cheesy lines and unmemorable scene. The visual effect department is still employing the same technique, same imagination and same effects that once captured our fascination almost TEN years ago... The soundtrack, well, the iconic soundtrack, is getting boring. They even reused the "Firework" soundtrack from the Order of Phoenix!! What happen to John William the composer? Cheesy lines? I can shoot the sript writers over and over again and not get bored. What's with the sudden sentimental feel? Memorable scenes? None...

The movie is saved by a few actors though. Helena Bonham Carter played the role of the mad Bellatrix Black to perfection. She is so fanatic, so evil and so sexy at the same time!! Another big round of applause to Evanna Lynch who played Luna Lovegood. I remembered I smiled in every scene that contains that cute little silver- haired girl with astounding positivity and unusual amount of entertainment. Sadly, other remarkable actors like Timothy Spall (Arthur Weasley), David Thewlis (Remus Lupin), Maggie Smith (Prof McGonagall) and many others were reduced to a few seconds of screen time. The star of the movie is definitely NOT Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint. Even Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) did a better job than those two in acting. And the guy who played young Tom Riddle is kinda hot too!!

The Quidditch is NOT entertaining but seem pointless. The unnecessary snogging scenes between Ron and Lavender is really disgusting. Both Luna and Neville who played such a big role in both the previous movie and the book are being reduced to honorary appearances in this movie. What happen to the other members of the Griffindor House? Dean Thomas? Seamus? I was expecting a grand funeral of Dumbledore as promised in the book. But such brilliant wizard will forever leave the memory of a cold dead old man lying on the floor to fans of the saga.

Conclusion, this movie is a flop to me. It will be really disappointing if this is really the end of the saga. Harry Potter movies deserves to go out with a BANG after all these years, not in such a sad, mundane, pathetic way...

Ratings : 6/10. Not worth my money at all.

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