Friday, August 28, 2009

Assam. TomYam. Friends. Love.

This week is my lucky week.
Well, let's just ignore the minor misfortune of many other things, this week I am truly blessed.

Yesterday, Kumutha made us Assam Fish for dinner!! And it is delicious!! Not really spicy. Just the right amount of hotness and sourness and one delicious dinner. But I screwed up the side dish... Hahaha...

Assam Fish!!

Stir Fried Wintermelon with Carrot

Then today, we went to Lucky Station for dinner after Chinese Class. Those who are present are Wee Leng, Zarry, Kumutha, Nicole, Vee, Hon Yeun and me!! I had the most delicious TomYam soup in the whole of Kampar! But I liked it more with beehoon than spaghetti.

And here are some photos of dishes that I've cooked previously. I was so busy with a lot of things until all these were abandoned in my phone.

Geizhi Chicken Porridge

Tumeric Fried Fish

Dragon Egg
(Actually, it is egg fried with kunyit...)

Lesson of the day
Great food + Great friends + Great conversation = PERFECT DAY

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