Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic - A Review

I was expecting something with the likes of Devil Wears Prada from this movie. The opening of the movie seems promising. But, alas, this is even more predictable than 17 Again... (No, I didn't read the book.)

The movie opened with Rebecca Bloomwood confessing to the world about the wonders of shopping. Then she lost her job and also failed to land herself on Allette Fashion magazine. With no choice at all, she took a job at a financial magazine only to see that her boss was the man who just offered her 20 bucks to buy a "desperately important scarf". With her happy-go-lucky attitude and of course some quirky writing, she managed to be famous as the "Girl with the Green Scarf", advising people on managing money, while her own shopping debts were up to her eye balls. Alas, her ploy was exposed on national TV, she got dumped by her boss who happened to be a potential romantic partner, and she was still addicted to shopping. However, she did managed to clean up her act, quit her addiction and viola... Happily Ever After...

Can anything get more predictable than that? The plot was full of holes and the cinematography was nothing to be proud of. The lines are not memorable at all. And the people who dress the cast is COLOUR BLIND. The only thing that is memorable is the male lead played by Hugh Dancy. His smexy British accent and his all gentleman look is all that is worth spending my two hours for on this movie. Even Isla Fisher did poorly. I liked her more in the film Definitely, Maybe; but definitely not this one.

Seriously mis- match colours!! Blue goes with Purple and Yellow doesnt mean Yellow goes with Purple! And that absolutely hideous shawl that looks rather like my floor mat!!

Who in the sane mind will dress like a Lala Mui in New York?
Left : She looks like a dumpling on top and a poodle with red leg at the bottom.
Center : Dalmation coat with pink super-flair dress? Please~~~
Right : The coat wasn't that bad, but the pink top and the coat is disastrous.

Ratings : 6/10. It would be a 5/10 if it is not for Hugh Dancy's smexy performance.

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