Saturday, February 28, 2009

Becoming Jane - A Review

Jane Austen, a celebrated female writer who wrote one of my favourite pieces, Pride & Prejudice and also Emma.

Today, I watched a movie about Jane Austen. Her independent life, her opinions, her thoughts and of course the love of her life. Jane Austen was never married, mainly because she sacrifice her love for a man named Thomas Lefroy. The movie showed Lefroy (played by James McAvoy) as an annoying brat who indulged in hedonism heavily. When his uncle sent him to live in the country, he met Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) and fell in love with her in a series of events. Unfortunately, Jane was pressured to marry a man she didn't love. She tried to convince her parents, Lefroy's uncle, and even her pursuers. She even tried to run away with Lefroy. But only to realise she cannot do such things. This movie somehow explained what inspired her to write such wonderful pieces, where Elizabeth Bennet was so much like herself and Emma found her love just the way she did.

I also realised, Mr Darcy, the dream guy of every Austen fan, was very much like Lefroy. Annoying and proud at first, but a gentlemen and a man of honour in heart. And Elizabeth Bennet was something that Jane wished to be, I think. To be free, no need to carry any family duty or marry for money. It is hard to believe, a woman who wrote such wonderful pieces of love stories, didn't marry. Maybe that was the right thing to do, she loved a man and she held onto him even till the end. Only that this Lefroy was not capable of returning the love. I think I can somehow identify some parts of the movie.

Overall, for people who likes classical novels and is a fan of love stories, this is a worth while movie. Of course, you must have an understanding of how the manners and culture of that time works, or not, all the ethics and mannerism will simply be too foolish to follow!!

81st Academy Award

Yea, we all know Slumdog Millionaire won the most awards... I will not bore you all with the details of yet another winners' list. Let's check out what the stars wore...

Kate Winslet in Yves St. Laurent dress... I love the symmetry of the dress... So elegant!!

Anne Hathaway in Armani piece embroided with crystals!! She is simply gorgeous!!

Halle Berry... The hottest mum in Hollywood!! She look simply splendid in this mermaid piece...
(Seems like mermaid tail is still very popular)

Penelope Cruz in this cream coloured Pierre Balmain vintage. Very wedding gown-ish to me...

The critics says the symmetry was ugly... But I think the colour works perfectly together!!

Natalie Portman in a baby pink dress... Very sweet looking... But she ought to do something with the hair...

A bit too dramatic? Not everyone can carry haute couture, and definitely not Jessica Sarah Parker

Sean Penn and wife. Perfect couple. I love the dress!! I would really like to own something like this!!

Angelina Jolie is looking nice in this gown. She has this whole goddess aura in this dress...

Our suave host, Hugh Jackman!! Looking good in this perfectly tailored suit!!

~Wish I can find more pictures to blog on~~

Friday, February 27, 2009


I went to the saloon

I asked for a trim

She gave me a cut

Now I look boyish-ly FUGLY



I was inspired by this song S.E.N.S - Compass to write this poem.
Download song HERE...



Dedicate this poem to someone... ;)
I am a curious person who is always in search of the truth and answers...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Results came out this morning. Officially, Year 1 Semester 2 of Foundation Studies ends.
My results were as expected, not so good but nonetheless, it is my hard work, so NO REGRETS!!

Someone asked me, if I had the chance, will I do Sem 2 differently?
My answer : No.

If I choose to do it differently, I would:
~ miss the greatest fun of Semester 2!!
~ miss a great lesson that was taught outside the lecture hall
~ miss the fun last minute study sessions with my friends, who helped me so much!!
~ not make so many friends in Semester 2.
~ not be close to the people that really care for me now
~ not be inspired by some of the best minds in UTAR
~ lose the opportunity to study smart instead of study hard (Gor Gor's study style works~~)
~ lose a great deal of fun and opportunity!!

Therefore, thank you people for the laughs and fun in Semester 2!!

Now let's get the engine started and get ready to kick some serious A$$ in Semester 3!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Tuesday With Morrie

Today, is a Tuesday.
I went to the hospital with my Grandmother for treatment. While in a hurry to go out this morning, I hastily grabbed a book from the dusty shelf, hoping to do some reading while waiting. And this morning, was filled with tears, joy and many lessons learnt.

Years ago, I watched the movie and bought the book from a second hand bookstore. But the book sat on my shelf untouched until this morning. I finished the book in one sitting, not taking my eyes off the book except to take care of my Grandmother and also to help a few elderly people around the hospital.

I don't really know how to summarise the book. Basically, it is a "final thesis" as Morrie put it between Mitch Albom and his favourite teacher, Morrie. The lesson took place every Tuesday, in Morrie's house and later by his deathbed. Mitch Albom wrote this book in the memory of Morrie, who inspired his life and mine as well. Morrie had a nervous disease, ALS. The same disease that disabled Stephan Hawkings, but this one killed Morrie.

As I was reading the book, reality hit my hard in the face. A dying man was embracing life and accepting death while a young girl like myself was wallowing in self pity and complains!! It also made me realise that so many of us are living such superficial lives, taking note of everything around the world, but forgetting the people around us. Morrie mentioned that maybe even we ourselves do not realise that we live to please other, chasing a dream world of materials, putting fame and success above love and family, and many more. Does visiting your family once a month really mean loving your family? Does working compulsively with the excuse of using the money to feed the family really loving your family? What happen to emotional needs and attention that a family really needs? Do we really bother to keep in touch with people after we say goodbye in the end of a party or a graduation? Have we ever really listen to a person speak, like look the person in the eyes and give him/her our full attention? I thought I did all those but after reading this book, I realise that some of these actions were superficial too.

Morrie talked about living to the fullest and die in peace. He talked about conquering fear, peer pressure, forming one sub-culture, and many other topics. It was amazing how a man so close to death, can attend his own "living funeral" and laugh in peace, even knowing that he was going to die. Morrie was also very optimistic by saying that he is lucky to be dying this way, to say goodbye to all the people and also to do the last things in his life. Lucky? Most of us, when struck by such disease would likely to put ourselves in self pity, emphathy and obviously to complain about the pain. Maybe some would resolve to suicide to end the pain before it becomes too great. But for Morrie, he hung on long enough to inspire the world. As I read the book, I feel like I was watching him withered and died. He lost his independance and his privacy when the disease disabled him, making him unable to even perform simple acts of cleaning his own bottom. Yet, Morrie was still able to joke about it and made it into yet another life lesson.

His favourite line "Love each other or die".
That is so true. In this world, it is cruel and materialistic enough with all the things going on. Even people who we thought as friends can backstab us any minute. But shielding away from being true to others and yourself make life so fake and meaningless. Thus, love each other or die. If you don't start loving, your family, friends, or even enemies, a bit of you die away each day, because love is actually what the soul needs.

It was really great that I grabbed this book instead of some other books. Because this Tuesday, I've grown a little, went deeper in soul searching and self discovery, made peace with myself in some issues, and learnt many lessons. Although I did not know Morrie personally, but today, I laughed with him, think about him, and cried with him. The last page, which wrote of his death, I actually felt serene, because Morrie had taught me how to live.

Thank you Morrie, for making this Tuesday better than last Tuesday. For teaching me such great lesson...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Max Payne - A Review

Three words that summarised the whole movie... NOT WORTH WATCHING

1. Bland storyline. Everything happens in a way too predictable way. Surprise is way out of the window...
2. Very very confusing flashbacks. And repeating flashbacks too... Max Payne can't be having only the same scene over and over again with his wife... Show us something else!!
3. Was it a ghost busting movie or a revenge action flick? Why do I feel like I've watched a trashy remake of Constantine instead of a revenge shooting action flick?
4. They make girls look so un-cool. Ok, the outfits were kinda hot. But not every mob girl dress in Dominatrix leather tight corsets or super mini red skirts.
5. The movie totally make the cops look stupid and corrupted. Why is an ex-cop telling what the detective in charge what he should do? And why is everyone backing up on someone? Don't they carry out investigations and follow the evidence?
6. Boring actors. Mark Wahlberg can only give a very limited range of expression. He was like stony cold or screaming crazy throughout the entire movie. And the female lead really does nothing more than to look like a Dominatrix. Even the Prison Break guy, Amaury Nolasco, looked stupid in this movie. He was only allowed one expression... STONE FACED... And why is Olga Kurylenko acting so slutty in this movie?

Don't bother watching the movie. If you want to watch effects, go watch Wanted. If you want substance, go watch something else. Better still, chuck away Max Payne the movie and go play the game. It is so much more fun shooting people than watching him shoot people.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I fell in love with this song... Because the whole mood is so enlightening...
Suddenly I got this strong flair... So I wrote the lyrics for the tune, since the tune is kinda catchy. The usage of words is kinda funny though... Sorry guys, the lyrics are in Mandarin. Maybe I will write an English version when I have the time to...

To download music, press the button below





World Thinking Day

Today is 22 February... A day to celebrate Thinking Day, the birthday of our joint founders, Lord and Lady Baden Powell. This year's theme is

On Friday, 20 February, I went back to school to help the girls with their ceremony. It was a short celebration. Just the flag ceremony and also song session.

Flag Ceremony by the pasukan panji-panji

Forming the Ladam Kuda, even under hot sun!! Undying Guiding spirit!!

But the best part was to see the girls march, even under the hot sun. Not forgetting, of course, meeting with my former juniors and also Stanee and Ms Sawaran, my mentors. Seemed like such a long time that I attended any Guides functions. Busy with uni life I guess... Must make it a point to attend in more events!!

Today, the official Thinking Day celebration, I volunteered in Wisma Pandu Puteri. It was a state level function, so I get to meet a lot of people from all over Perak and of course, to see my friends in other districts as well. I am surprised actually, that so many Guiders remember me... Hahaha... I must be one loud and naughty girl back then!!

Thank you Pn Supiah and Ms Chan for the offers to go to so many amazing place. Hope I can make it for International Gathering and Girl's Summit this year.
Thank you Pn Stanee for letting me help in so many things (more like mess things up!!)
Thank you Ms Sawaran for actually leaving the girls in my hands. Thanks for the trust.
Thank you Ms Ho for making me feel so much at home even with a hall full of strangers.
Big thanks to all the other guiders who taught me something on managing kids and getting things done the Guides' way.

A picture with my mentor, Ms Sawaran...
(Too bad Stanee was too busy for a picture~~ Next time, maybe...)

Me and Vivien Khoo
~Vivien, gambateh is your journey to Queen's Guide-dom~

MGS guides volunteered for choir
(Sorry guys, I missed the performance)

Last but not least, BIG THANKS to MGS GUIDES, for making this volunteered event so meaningful and fun!! I am officially a guider (an equivalent of trainer or teacher, to those who don't know... Hehe... ) but I am very much a kid at heart, still like to play a lot!!

Preparation for food fair

Two very "hiao" guides... Kah Hooi and Stephanie Leong

Kai Qi, me and Peng Han
My egg fried bread were selling like hot cakes!! (hot bread, literally, lol)

Kai Qi, Kah Hooi, me, Peng Han and Yi Ying

Volunteers for the food fair
Mostly MGS guides and a few outsiders

Volunteering for a good cause really makes me feel good, not to mention all the gila fun we had in the event. (Haha... Now you all know who fried bread paling tak hangus la!!) Hope to join you guys again for camp and also for whatever events!! Thank you girls, for making me look like a good leader. Hahahaha~~~

~~Session SS~~
Actually I look good in a Guider's uniform...
Hahaha... I wana get the official baju kebaya uniform!!

PS: If anyone has anymore pictures of the events, or those from your school, please share with us... And remember to sign in the Kinta Girl Guides Website. We need your support to help the community and also for the development of the girls' potential. ;)

I dreamt of you last night

See me. Lose me. Hold me. Let go of me. Talk to me. Ignore me. Call me. Hang up on me. Walk with me. Walk out on me. Listen to me. Tune me out. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Look at me. Look away. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Stay with me. Leave me. Smile at me. Cringe at me. Fear me. Trust me. Dare me. Ask me why. Stop caring me. Dance with me. Leave me standing. Remember me. Forget me. Humor me. Doubt me. Believe me. Question me. Amuse me. Take away my tears. Hug me. Sit with me. Laugh at me. Tell me I'm silly. Stare at me. Be angry with me. Confuse me. Puzzle me. Surprise me. Bore me. Run away with me. Run away from me. Despise me. Heal me. Fight me. Fight for me. Inspire me. Disappoint me. Join me. Quit me. Answer me. Make me wonder. Love me. Hate me.

I dream of you last night. I dream of you almost every night, only that you don't know.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Another music interpretation of a piece by S.E.N.S..
Gosh, I am addicted to interpreting music and incorporating my own feelings into music, be it fictional or real. Haha.
I've named my poem "Autumn's Tear" instead of the song title "Kerara".

Click HERE to download song.






Friday, February 20, 2009

Broken Window - A Review

A crime thriller by Jeffery Deaver, my all- time favourite thriller author. This book is indeed, an enjoyable read. The storyline is very much like Eagle Eye, the movie. But this one is way more frightening. A killer was on loose where victims were killed and innocent people were framed. This is all possible because of the power of knowledge. The killer has access to digital information, building and crumpling many people's lives. And when Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs got involved in the investigation, the killer turned the power of knowledge against them, tackling and killing those on the case one by one.

Alas, I shall not reveal more than I should. The whole book is full of surprises and it keeps me longing for more even after I flipped the last page. Very nicely written. And Deaver used the power of suspense well too. He actually made me prayed for the characters inside so that they don't die or get raped.

Overall, a book that keeps you on your toes and make you look over your shoulder when you feel like you are being watched.

Wish. Relief

Another musical interpretation piece. This is "Wish. Relief" from S.E.N.S

~Click on the link to listen to the song~

Hope you enjoy it.

That the stars never go out in the night
So that I can stare at it till dawn
Knowing that I am not alone
Even when I saw you walking away
Leaving me in the dead of night
Staring at the stars
Wishing you would sit with me

That I danced with you in the rain
That I didn't hold on too tight
That you don't know me so well
That I didn't hurt you so deep
Can I rewind back time
And wish this all away?

I finally saw who I am
Hoping that I made the right decision
To let you walk away that night
Hoping you would feel better
Without me around you
Love without heart is meaningless
Life without you is not relief
But I am not worthy...


~~This is a piece where I can relate some of my own feelings to the music. It is filled with such melancholy, such sadness that I actually don't feel much relief. Maybe the ending part has a note of relief, like the author has finally let his/her feelings out. Haha... Just my two cents... Maybe my interpretation is completely different from the author...
This should be a beautiful piece to dance to... So soulful...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get Smart - A review

Max ( Steve Carrell) was an analyst for the government intelligence who dreamt of becoming a great secret agent one day. But his boss, refused to promote him, despite his wonderful score marks, because he was so good in his job. When the Control was under attacked and the entire agency was compromised, the boss had no choice but to rely on Max and Agent99 (Anne Hathaway) Slapstick humour and actions developed all the way. Of course, there was romance and some "deep" soul searching. Overall, the movie was light- hearted and funny.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson played Agent 23, a tough guy agent who was funny in a serious way. But the funniest has to be the tech guys. They provided the whole thing with enough reasons to laugh at.

Nonetheless, Steve Carrell is the MAN!! Like the movie title suggested, Get Smart. He was smartly stupid and smartly funny.

However, thoughout the entire movie, I can't take my eyes off Anne Hathaway. No matter what character she plays, the Princess or Agent 99 or a drug addict or some struggling journalist, she is always so pretty!!

This is an entertaining movie suitable when you are extremely bored. Laugh your hearts out~~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Its empty
It has been empty since this evening...
But nothing to fill
No matter how hard I search
Or where I find
It remains empty
Until someone with a heart
Suddenly decide to "Tapau" for me...
Or not
My stomach will remain empty...

~~Haha... This is boredom + hunger... Waiting... For food...~~~

Monday, February 16, 2009

Little Dress

I am currently in love with dresses... Googled some pictures and found some really nice ones from China Fashion Week and also various designers. Enjoy...

I like the details of this dress. The little ribbon at the front just adds flavour to it.

Classic and elegant. The designer put white and a monochrome of grey and black together.

The details and colour of the dress is simply splendid!! I like the top. Very summer-ish.

Aren't the combination of colours cherrful? Beautiful ruffles at the hem too!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Do you hear it?
It is whispering...
Listen closely...
Close your eyes and listen with your heart
It cannot be heard
Even if it is whispering into your ears
It can only be heard
If you listen closely with your heart
Even if you are miles apart

Do you feel it?
It is all around you...
Pay attention...
Keep your hands and feel it with your soul
It cannot be felt
If you rely on your hands and feet
It can only be felt
If you open your mind and feel with your instinct
The touch is beyond your skin

~~Sounds horror... I knew... Just listening to a song with unknown title and got the inspiration to write this... Hahaha...

New Chapter

It's the end of a beautiful thing
A fullstop of a beautiful chapter
I thought I put this behind me
But the truth is I only wrote a semi colon
On the back of the book
Spent the last few days
Drafting the ending
Rehearsing the words in my head
Replaying the situation in my mind
Now that it has come to a complete halt
An end of a chapter
A time to reflect
Maybe make a few corrections

Come tomorrow
A the beginning of a new book
The start of another adventure
On the journey of self discovery
Towards the goal of becoming a better person
For a better tomorrow

~Dear angel, thanks for helping me in finding myself when I am lost
Dear someone, the truth hurts like hell, but nonetheless still is the truth
Dear sisters, thanks and sorry

PS: Wrote this while listening to "Forrest Gump Suite" by Danny Wright. Not exactly a music interpretation but still influence by the lovely music. Dedicate this piece to my friends out there...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

To Those Outside

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Single's Awareness Day
(quoting from Young, if you don't mind)

PS: Hey, you. Yes, YOU!! You mess with my sister you answer directly to me, you hear me? Making a girl cry on Valentine's Day is NOT what gentlemen do!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Once upon a wishing star, an angel lost track of clouds and fell towards Earth. On her free fall, she cried for help and prayed for salvation. All the other angels of heaven merely peered at her and watched her fall. The fallen angel thought, "Maybe I am not worthy of salvation." She closed her eyes and swallowed her tears, preparing for the moment of impact. But came another angel. An angel she least expected. The angel stopped her from falling too fast and dried her tears. Upon reaching the ground, the fallen angel said that she was afraid that she will still get hurt because the ground was getting closer and closer. The guardian angel said, "Don't worry, I will be your cushion so that you won't hurt so much." Instantly, she knew that she was in safe hands. It doesn't matter if salvation came too late, because she knew that she was not forsaken and forgotten, even all the other angels forgot about her.

~I should have dance with you when I had the chance to... ~~


Another piece of music interpretation of "Boy" by S.E.N.S
But I renamed it "Sakura" because I guess that is how the music feels to me.


Mid spring in a dreamland of Sakura
Wind kissed me ever so lightly on the face
Smelling of sweet Sakura
Like a brief encounter
With a lover long lost
Looking into its transient nature of life
Inspiration to conquer the fear of death
Will I ever be able to conquer any fear
Walking in the wakes of life
A galore of falling pink and white petals
Trying to catch every petal with only my palms
Heart still mellow
Even the tears were long dried
Sakura petals crushed beneath the feet
Like worthless pieces after its beautiful blossom
When the Hanami ends
Sakura will be forgotten
The splendor of pink and white will fade to grey

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa - A Review

I was never a fan of animation, let alone animation about animals (again~) But I was feeling down yesterday and I thought this movie might lighten the heart. It did. This movie is very entertaining and focus a lot on friendship and relationships. Very educational and suitable for children, a bit too childish for my taste, but alas, it was entertaining.

The story started with cub lion Alex being kidnapped by hunters and fished out of New York River. That explains how the famous Alex The Lion ended up in the zoo with the rest of the animals. Then fast forward to the bunch of animals leaving the deserted island on a plane manoeuvred by penguins. The plane crash landed in the middle of Africa. Alex found his long lost parents and his friends found their new found freedom. But after Alex misunderstood a fight competition as a dance competition, he and his family was banished from the tribe by evil Makunga. Melman the giraffe thought he was dying thus finally expressed his love for hippo Gloria. Unfortunately, Gloria was attracted to a really ugly hippo Moto Moto. And dear Martin the zebra thought he was unique until he met the herd of zebras in Africa and realised that they are all the same.

There came a bunch of funny human, New Yorkers actually, who were foolishly sabotaged by the penguins.(Who said animals are dumb?) Anyway, an old lady lead the bunch of lost tourists to build a dam and survive in wilderness, leading to a drought in the animals' land. Alex, wanting to prove himself to his dad, went out of the reserve land to unblock the river. After a series of funny events, Alex was successful, and the story ended with a happy ending, typical children movie style.

The whole movie's comical relief was Julien and Maurice. Those 2 squirrel like creatures were funny from beginning till the end.

Another memorable part was the touching words Melman said to Gloria. My goodness, what cross species love is that! Wish someone would said those lovely words to me... (Wishful thinking on my part, haha...) Anyway, another memorable relationship was the friendship between Alex and Martin. Friendships that braved through indifference and problems... Very childish values, but nonetheless, very important.

Values like friends stick together no matter what happens...

Thinking back, maybe children animation movie aren't that bad after all. This one left a bitter sweet feeling to me after watching. It focused on values that we have forgotten as we grow up, and relationships that can relate to everyone of all ages. Overall, an entertaining movie with funny characters and great voice cast that included Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Cedric the Entertainer, Alec Baldwin and many more.

OMG~~ The highly addictive tune of "I gotta move it move it" is in my head!! Argh~~ lol


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