Saturday, February 28, 2009

Becoming Jane - A Review

Jane Austen, a celebrated female writer who wrote one of my favourite pieces, Pride & Prejudice and also Emma.

Today, I watched a movie about Jane Austen. Her independent life, her opinions, her thoughts and of course the love of her life. Jane Austen was never married, mainly because she sacrifice her love for a man named Thomas Lefroy. The movie showed Lefroy (played by James McAvoy) as an annoying brat who indulged in hedonism heavily. When his uncle sent him to live in the country, he met Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) and fell in love with her in a series of events. Unfortunately, Jane was pressured to marry a man she didn't love. She tried to convince her parents, Lefroy's uncle, and even her pursuers. She even tried to run away with Lefroy. But only to realise she cannot do such things. This movie somehow explained what inspired her to write such wonderful pieces, where Elizabeth Bennet was so much like herself and Emma found her love just the way she did.

I also realised, Mr Darcy, the dream guy of every Austen fan, was very much like Lefroy. Annoying and proud at first, but a gentlemen and a man of honour in heart. And Elizabeth Bennet was something that Jane wished to be, I think. To be free, no need to carry any family duty or marry for money. It is hard to believe, a woman who wrote such wonderful pieces of love stories, didn't marry. Maybe that was the right thing to do, she loved a man and she held onto him even till the end. Only that this Lefroy was not capable of returning the love. I think I can somehow identify some parts of the movie.

Overall, for people who likes classical novels and is a fan of love stories, this is a worth while movie. Of course, you must have an understanding of how the manners and culture of that time works, or not, all the ethics and mannerism will simply be too foolish to follow!!

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