Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Little Red Riding Hood


Little Red Riding Hood being banged on snow by a possible werewolf!

That's enough to make me curious about this movie!!

A horror suspense/adventure take of the fable, brought to you by the directors of Twilight and Amanda Seyfried of Mama Mia! fame.

Looking forward to it =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The New Spidey

Tobey McGuire has officially retired as Peter Parker. And that promising young man in The Social Network takes over the baton and donned the legendary Spidey suit.

I am already looking forward to watching Andrew Garfield play Peter Parker.

And that sweet girl from Easy A, Emma Stone, is playing Spidey's love interest!!
I am expecting some serious chemistry!!

But I sort of like it better when she's red headed.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Social Network - A Review

The must watch movie of the year!

One of the best "courtroom" drama so far, where the verbal sparring between the sides are intense, witty and geek-humourous. And Jesse Eisenberg did a great job portraying one of the modern time geniuses, Mark Zuckerberg.

So, Facebook is THE in thing now. So should the movie about the origin of Facebook. I have no idea how true the account of the "truth" was but I applaud David Fincher for doing this very creative flashback. The whole story was broken into parts and recalled when the characters were interrogated by lawyers from both sides.

Don't know if it was just me or David Fincher is a genius, I felt that this movie has an air of academic wit in it, surrounded by dark intense realism. Poor Eduardo Saverin for being sabotaged. I really felt the pity!

I also felt the whole heritage of Harvard and its traditions throughout the movie but there is still a flair of modernity to it that reminds me that I am watching something related to the modern technology instead of Harry Potter.

And the acting was good! Jesse Eisenberg has this proud arrogant attitude going on, and he speaks so damn fast, just like most geniuses does!

Andrew Garfield clawed his way in and out of the whole deal. The disappointment, the anger, the dissatisfaction. I just love watching him perform on screen. Yes, perform.

And holy crap, Justin Timberlake was unbelievable. I mean, I didn't know this dude can act, like that? And he made me hate him, like big time hate him!

And those Winklevass brothers bore a stark similarity to Prince William pre-balding days, eh?

Ratings : 8.0/10

And I wouldn't be surprised if David Fincher won the Oscars for Best Director though this is not a movie worth winning but the award to him is long due... very long due...
And that's the way Oscar works eh?

And I have a crush on Andrew Garfield now!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Black Swan - A Review

Dark. Intense. Thrilling.
Oscar winning material.

The movie is based on a very simple story. Mental disorder. Of a ballerina. Competitive, tense, stressed. Perfection.

The acting was superb. Natalie Portman was beautiful in this movie. She was aspired, scared, fierce, jealous, paranoid, confident, freaked, and all sorts of other emotions. How can so many feelings be trapped in such fragile small body? Simply amazing!

And I have to praise Natalie Portman's effort for training in ballet just so she can act convincingly in this movie. Professionalism at its best!

And there were tonnes of sexual scenes. Masturbation, whoring, lesbian sex, etc. And it was filmed rather blatantly. Surprisingly blatant for a film I thought would be artistic!

The cinematography was brilliant, capturing the essence of the White Swan and the Black Swan amidst her mental disorder. The soundtrack went perfectly with everything else.

And I applaud director Darren Aronofsky, for picking a simple topic with a simple plot, and then turned it into something so exquisite! And for pushing the boundaries between the two very talented actresses, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

I would love to see how this movie fares in the major awards.

Ratings : 7.0/10

The Tourist - A Review

Johnny Depp... A spy?

Almost surprising.

Angelina Jolie... A spy?

No doubt.

A spy whose only mission is to dress elegant and look pretty?


The Tourist is suppose to be a spy thriller movie. But it didn't deliver. In fact, the whole movie seemed like one hell of a slow romance movie, with a little action here and there. Just when you see a little action going on, and you began to hope for more, then the hero kissed the heroine, and next scene. Disappointing.

Johnny Depp's best role is Capt. Jack Sparrow. True.
I can so see traces of Jack Sparrow here. Alexander Pearce was so badly portrayed. I feel like this mysterious character had so much space to develop. Instead, Johnny Depp took Alexander Pearce and made him the modern day casanova Jack Sparrow.

After the near-disastrous Salt, I thought I would see this movie to give Angelina Jolie a chance to redeem herself. But I was utterly disappointed. There wasn't much to the acting, nor the action.

The whole plot made no sense. It tried to be cleaver. But alas, I saw through everything before it even happened. No surprises at all.

The only praise I have for the movie is cinematography. No, the chase scenes were shitty. But at times, I felt like the film advertise Venice's elite society's lavish lifestyle. Nicely filmed.

Ratings : 4.5/10

Eat Pray Love - A Review

Based on the novel of the same name, Eat Pray Love was said to be a typical Hallmark movie with gut- warming messages and food for thoughts after the movie.

Indeed, this movie is very meaningful.

I have not read the original novel. So I am not going to comment on the plot or the storyline, though I personally feels that nothing happens with such coincidence.

This movie is one hell of a tourism advertising film that lasted more than 2 hours!

Cinematography, full marks!!

And Julia Roberts is such a joy to watch! Her smile, though not stranger to anyone, brings the sunshine out of anyone!

So, Eat Pray Love focuses in three very important phase of our lives, and three must- visit sites on Earth!

Eat all you can in Italy. And I really love the concept of "Joy of Doing Nothing"

Pray in India. Not finding God, but more like finding yourself, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

Love in Bali. Yes, everyone needs a love affair in Bali! To love is to lose control. Blah blah blah. You get the drift...

I feel that the movie delivers the message with such beauty and irony. Don't know if the book is better, but the movie is strong. Slow pace at times. But if you open up your mind and try to understand what is really going on, I think this is one enjoyable movie!

So see you later, alligator =)
Ratings : 7.5/10

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Easy A : A Review

Thought it was a dumb movie. And it was only 1 hour 30 minutes.

But it was kinda of fun. Besides all the dumb fart jokes and sexual hints everywhere. This movie is actually enjoyable.

Maybe because nobody takes a movie about a high school virgin who lies about losing her virginity to a college guy and the news spread like wildfire which gives us this production too seriously.

I love the movie for 3 very simple reasons.

1. Emma Stone is AWESOME!
Seriously, before this, she is practically unheard of. Then there she goes, playing the slutty virgin to such perfection! Her acting is so convincing! Not to mention she is kinda HOT. (I have this tiny little lesbian crush on red heads) I personally think that she took an ordinary role and totally blew it out of proportion with her brilliant acting. Her emotions are so real like I can really see it in her eyes!

2. Love the spoofs and reference to classics
The entire movie is based on "Scarlet Letter" where adultery and shame is the main theme but with such added humour! Plus, there are references on classics and popular culture like Mark Twain, Romeo & Juliet, Gossip Girl on Sweet Valley in Travelling Pants. Kinda make me feel so related to Olive Panderghast.

3. Love the bits of bitterness amidst all the humour.
The movie highlights teen issues such as sex before marriage, religion extremists, homosexuals, fat people, glorious slut, stereotype, not to mention GOSSIP that spreads like wildfire. What started out as perfectly innocent became something so bad. However, I do think that some of the issues are presented in a not-so-funny "humour" but I do credit this movie for trying.

My favourite scenes are definitely the scene where Olive and Brandon fake sex. Grunts and yells and the "big finale". Literally had me laughing like a crazy girl! But scenes where Olive was totally devastated and Todd came to rescue were super touching!

Overall, my amazement and admiration for the movie came from me not expecting such teen chic flick to contain such amazing talents like Emma Stone and presentation of serious issues with such humorous delivery.

But what the hell happen to Amanda Bynes?

Ratings : 6.5/10


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