Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Social Network - A Review

The must watch movie of the year!

One of the best "courtroom" drama so far, where the verbal sparring between the sides are intense, witty and geek-humourous. And Jesse Eisenberg did a great job portraying one of the modern time geniuses, Mark Zuckerberg.

So, Facebook is THE in thing now. So should the movie about the origin of Facebook. I have no idea how true the account of the "truth" was but I applaud David Fincher for doing this very creative flashback. The whole story was broken into parts and recalled when the characters were interrogated by lawyers from both sides.

Don't know if it was just me or David Fincher is a genius, I felt that this movie has an air of academic wit in it, surrounded by dark intense realism. Poor Eduardo Saverin for being sabotaged. I really felt the pity!

I also felt the whole heritage of Harvard and its traditions throughout the movie but there is still a flair of modernity to it that reminds me that I am watching something related to the modern technology instead of Harry Potter.

And the acting was good! Jesse Eisenberg has this proud arrogant attitude going on, and he speaks so damn fast, just like most geniuses does!

Andrew Garfield clawed his way in and out of the whole deal. The disappointment, the anger, the dissatisfaction. I just love watching him perform on screen. Yes, perform.

And holy crap, Justin Timberlake was unbelievable. I mean, I didn't know this dude can act, like that? And he made me hate him, like big time hate him!

And those Winklevass brothers bore a stark similarity to Prince William pre-balding days, eh?

Ratings : 8.0/10

And I wouldn't be surprised if David Fincher won the Oscars for Best Director though this is not a movie worth winning but the award to him is long due... very long due...
And that's the way Oscar works eh?

And I have a crush on Andrew Garfield now!


InsaNe said...

This is the best chance for David Fincher to win the oscar!!!

Nice movie Nice acting and Nice directing~ Love it~

Your review is nice also~ keep it on =)

Nicholas C said...

Loved this movie, loved the write up.

But you hated Deathly Hallows? WHATTTTT

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