Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inception - A Review

Your mind, is the scene of the crime...

Inception, is by far, the most intriguing, disturbing, creative, brilliant, twisted, *insert own adjective* movie I have seen. Yes, it is THE best production from Christopher Nolan. Yes, it topped The Dark Knight AND The Prestige.

The dream team of an amazing cast of actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard; two of my favourite young actors, Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; One of my favourite modern composer, Hans Zimmer; lead by the mastermind Christopher Nolan... This movie is worth every single cent of the ticket...

The plot revolves around a world where technology allows people to invade dreams to steal information. Cobb (Leornardo DiCarpio) was offered a chance to return to his home to be with his children and be cleared of all his suspected charges by Saito (Ken Watanabe) if he takes the job of implanting an idea into a corporate competitor by invading his dreams. Cobb took the job, and together with a team of experts, they created a dream and proceed with the inception (damn, it is a brilliant name for the movie)

I shall not elaborate more on the plot because it is Nolan's signature to surprise you with twists in the plots and surprises everywhere. I personally don't think that much of what happened in the plot made any logical sense, but this may be intentional. I mean, the main material of Inception IS dream, and ANYTHING can happen in dreams, however illogical and radical ones behaviour and psychology may be... Smart choice of materials, and screen write!

I shall say that this movie is action-packed. Cinematographic wise, the angles were filmed with such sophistication I sat glued to my seat for 2 hours with a full bladder. Nolan took the time to catch every single insignificant detail with slow motion, precise angle, with much taste and style. You will get what I mean when you watch the synchronisation of the labyrinth of dreams. The expression of timing is flawless!

The whole dream extracting and inception concept was explained so effortlessly that audiences can keep up with the flow and not feel strange yet surprises the audiences with twists and turns at the most unexpected times. At the end of the movie, we really can relate to the characters and how the whole concept works. Believe me, at the end of the movie, you feel like finally understanding one complicated logarithm or solving one particularly hard puzzle because Nolan really jogs my mind in this one, harder than he jogged my mind in The Prestige.

I really have no negative comments on this movie because it is simply... PERFECT! Except that I don't really like Ellen Page here. I love the talkative Juno and the crazy Roller Blade girl more. She is being downplayed into one serious character.

However, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was BRILLIANT! He was such a hopelessly funny and sweet guy in 500 Days of Summer. But in this number, he is totally serious and suave and VERY attractive. He is like in his pre-Matt Damon days.

He is going to hit it big in the future I tell you!

Leonardo DiCaprio is, as expected, good. His eyes tell the story. Really.

I love how Nolan put Marion Cotillard in as his subconscious projection. But I gotta say, Cotillard is SCARY. Every time she appeared in a scene, I got goosebumps. Maybe that's why I was on the edge of my seat. I kept on expecting her to show at the most irrelevant times.

Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine are like, regulars on Nolan's set. You say them in The Prestige; you saw them in The Dark Night; They are practically Nolan's favourite guys for a mentor (Caine) and a character you will definitely feel sorry for (Murphy). And THEY DELIVER!!

Ratings : 9.5/10. This movie freaks me out. I have no idea how Christopher Nolan is going to top this one with his next piece.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My blog is DEAD.... For... almost two weeks.....

That is like... One of the longest period I've abandoned my blog... Gosh....

Mid terms and assignments and reports are raining like shit...
And it all accumulates at Mount Stressssssss that no doubt will one day, suffocate me to death!

So, I guess this blog will be in its dormant state for a longer period of time?

I'll share some YouTube stuff if I am lucky enough to have stable internet connections =)
Gotta hold back a little on reviews, unless you guys want reviews on how lab reports are being done, which I assure you, will endlessly bore you to death!

Meanwhile, do check out the updated "Great Things Blogged" on my right column.
Featured some new bloggers in the local blogosphere.
By local, I really mean local... Like right in my university local.
Good reads! Check them out =)

S'long fellas!
I'll be BACK!
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