Sunday, May 31, 2009

Terminator: Salvation - A Review

I only watched this movie because Ben asked me to... I was not familiar with the story of the previous three Terminator movies. I only know enough of the story to know what is happening. And I have to say, this fourth movie really did its part in filling in the holes for a Terminator newbie like me.

I didn't know much about this movie so I was quite surprised when I saw the cast list and the production team at the beginning of the movie. This is totally a star cast movie, with Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Helena Bonham Carter, and many more remarkable actors. This movie is directed by McG and his stylish signature camera shots are truly remarkable.

The movie opened with a man on death row donating his body to scientific research. Then fast forward to year 2018, we have narration and explanation from John Connor(Christian Bale) about what happend to the world. Then we saw the very same man, Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) emerging from rubbles after a bombing. After a series of twist and turns, we were introduced to teenage Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) and Star (Jadagrace). Then Marcus met pilot Blair Williams (Moon Bloodgood) after Kyle and Star was captured by the machines. When they were on the way back to Resistance base camp, Marcus was blown opened by a landmine and we discovered that Marcus was actually the Terminator T-800 prototype. (T-800 was the machine played by Arnold Swchaze-i-don't-know-how-to-spell-negger in the earlier movies) Later, Kyle, who was suppose to be John's father as John sent him back to the past to impregnant his mother Sarah Connor so that John can save the future (Don't ask me what happen... Time travelling is complicated...) Er... where was I? Ok, Kyle was captured by the machines and sent to SkyNet headquarters, pilot Blair Williams helped Marcus escaped and Marcus and Connor planned a kickass rescue team into the enemies' headquarters. The catch was Kyle must survive at all cost because if he dies, there will be no John Connor, there will be no Resistance, there will be no future, and there will be no movies. Anyway, rescue mission successful after a lot of kickass banging and slamming between the human and the machines. It was an expected and happy ending.

The soundtrack was great. The plot was predictable... John Connor has somehow become the side story while Marcus Wright was like the main story. Maybe they should rename this movie Terminator Origin : T-800. But the most brilliant thing about the whole movie is the camera shots. It was so stylish but not too polish. It was so smooth yet rough enough to be realistic. The audiences were some times shown in a first person point of view so it was like we were there as the thing happened. It was really nice and never boring. And the actors... In my humble opinion, all the great actors are in this movie. The ever- versatile Christian Bale, the realistic Sam Worthington, tough girl Moon Bloodgood, the kid who is able to potray all kinds of emotions -- Anton Yelchin... and so many more...

Ratings : 7/10. Good shots and cool soundtracks. Very newbie- friendly. If you want polished scenes, look elsewhere. If you want non-stop action, look elsewhere. If you want thriller, watch Angels and Demons. This is a movie where realistic is the key word.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Of Movie and Sinful Indulgence

Today, I went to the movies and met some great people...

Finally, I met the author of Discover Great Stuff -- Benjamin Chang!!
And of course the funny guy Puven who makes great conversation!!
Zac, Kumutha, Nicole and Nicole's mum made the outing so much more fun!!
Thanks to Ben for the movie treat and thanks to Nicole's mum for the delicious cake!! It was great "shopping" with you guys too!!

**No pictures for the afternoon outing... Too busy having fun and enjoying Secret Recipe's Cappucino Cheese Cake...**

Then in the evening, my uncles all came back to celebrate my grandmother's birthday!! I get to play with the baby cousins!! And of course, great food!! Not to mention camwhoring!! And since my uncles have very nice cameras, I get to take a lot of pictures with them!!

Yummy Carrot Cheese cake

Extra delicious dishes...
Too many dishes... Can't share all here...

Me and moi beloved grandma

Traditional candle blowing ceremony!!

Family potrait... Everyone is here!!

My handsome brother, Raymond
OMFG~~ I look so short in this picture... No no... He is tall only... Hahahaha...

My playful cousinYun Si trying to grab the camera!! Naughty!!

The two cousins fooling with each other... Fun to watch their attics!!

Today I am really happy. Because get to meet Ben finally... And see him and Puven demonstrate their amazing guitar skills! Then get to eat Secret Recipe's cake ( Thanks again to Nicole's mum for treating us) Then get to play with my cousins and enjoy a luxurious dinner... Hahaha...
God has been kind to me for surrounding me with good company and wonderful family!! What more can I ask for?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 Dresses - A Review

I watched this movie last night, because I was bored. But I am glad that I watched this movie.

This movie starred Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Malin Akerman and many god actors. The movie opened with young Jane claiming that she found her calling as a bridesmaid at a very young age. Then we saw an adult Jane (Katherine Heigl) arranging and being bridesmaid for two weddings on the same night. Later we discovered that Jane had been bridesmaid for 27 weddings, dedicating much of her life into taking care of other people. Kevin (James Marsden) a writer of newspaper column Commitment approached Jane with the intention of making her the subject of his column. Tess (Malin Akerman), Jane's younger sister dropped by for a visit and got hooked up with Jane's boss and long time crush. Jane was totally devastated when she had to arrange her own little sister's wedding to her love. But Kevin saw the other side of Jane that no one bother to notice and fell in love with her. After many twists and turns, Tess' wedding was cancelled and in the end, well, happily ever after ending... Don't want to spoil it for you guys...

I like this movie a lot. Maybe because I can personally relate to some feelings and experiences. Some people just had things easy and those who don't never get a chance to make a change because people tend to judge, stereotype and also taken for granted. I cannot help it but felt so happy for Jane because after so many people that she had to take care of, she finally put on the 28th dress and went for a wedding where she was no longer the supporting character but the main heroine of her own life. I wonder how many will have that privilege?

Ratings : 6.5/10. This is a chic flick, with expected plot and happily ever after endings. Very light and suitable for entertainment after a hard day's work.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Can Ignore This Post

Today... Well... Let's just say I've felt better...

Early in the morning... Okay... 10am something...
I cycled early to campus to do registration and take results.
Was sent to different places by blur officers...
A little pissed off but I was still laughing at it...
First day in new semester what...

Around noon, I went to FSET...
My tutorial group is ok... Acceptable...
My timetable... Still trying to swallow it...
Anyone has any suggestion how to sit through
2 two-hour lecture
and 2 two-hour practical session
In the same freaking day with limited breaks in between?

Went to have lunch in the cafeteria after that
And bumped into someone I knew
He started talking to me and...
I didn't understand the stuff he was saying

Then I realised he mistook me for someone
He didn't realised it
I know I am not exactly unique but am I that forgettable?

Attended the mass call rehearsal
It was fun making new friends

Then I cut myself on a LEAF while decorating the notice board
A freaking LEAF has to bully me now?

Later, when I am already half dead
And three quarters frozen in Heritage Hall

I did an impromptu speech on the podium
And viola...
I was suddenly named the speaker who will speak...
In front of almost 700 freshies
In the Heritage Hall...

And I have no script...

Dinner was... I can't even remember dinner...
Too tired... It was a blur...
But thanks to Andrew for the drinks...

I got home, thinking that I can relax
Only to find ANTS everywhere!!!
On my bed, on my roommate's bed, on the floor
Since I can't spray Shieldtox on mattress
I manually pick and killed the ants one by one
And my nose was itching the whole damn time
Why do I have to be allergic to ants and dust,
Among all other things?

By 8.15pm, I was lethargic from rehearsal,
And I still owe Rachel the final budget proposal
What to do?
Drag myself up again and settle the stuff

After that, I realised something
I brought the wrong blazer to Kampar
The one in my closet now is my mum's blazer
I look like a freaking pregnant lady in it...
Can things get worse now?

O yes, it can...
After the rain, my room is currently being attacked
By some stupid flying ants!!
What's with these insects???

I am done venting...
Now let's listen to some cool music
And make myself feel like a million bucks again!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Insight Into My Soul

After a quite intriguing but not unexpected discussion with a dear friend, I took a moment to think for a while.

I got a comment that my blog is getting impersonal and focus mostly on reviews and factual stuff. In fact I took a look at my history and realised that comment is actually true. I used to talk about feelings and incidents in my life then it got more and more abstract and I talked about movie reviews and scientific stuff and current issues discussions.

I asked myself what triggered the transformation of style? What made me so impersonal in my own blog?

Then I realised, it all happened after a certain incident. My self defense mechanism kicked up and got to work. Putting personal touches into things and people increases the risk of getting hurt by these things and people. I had this feeling that exposing my personal self to the public through this blog made me vulnerable. Things that I previously put on my blog started to laugh at me with such sinical smirk. I was living in false security, false hope, false love; and I put it on my blog. So when a certain incident occured, I started to withdraw and focus on more impersonal things. Simply because talking about my life paint such a false image to myself and to others.

Nonetheless, the reviews I did on the blog, the poems that I wrote, the lyrics that I created, are all very personal to me. I can honestly say that there is not a fake moment or a made-up situation posted on my blog. Just that it is more on general stuff. Because I find that being personal may be painful.

And people can and will change. After every incident, a person learn and grow with it. Even little things said or done without conscious can leave such impact on others. I don't believe that one can forever stay the way he/she is. Because situation changes, things changes, and we as human will change to adapt. The change might not be up to one's satisfaction or expectation, but people do change.

PS : I usually don't explain myself. This post is written for someone that I care for very much as a friend. This post is written for someone whose opinion I still highly regard. You might not be reading my blog anymore because you say that it is "boring and irrelevant" but I do hope that you will read this post. Maybe the way I changed is not to your liking, but I did change. I don't know it is for the better or worse, but I've learnt my lesson, grew up with the incident and therefore, I changed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Angels And Demons - A Review

This is a perspective from someone who read the book twice before watching the movie :


Yes. The movie was a far cry from the book. Many characters were changed and the storyline was modified, cutting it short enough for average movie-goer. It is so sad to see them striped and raped a good story apart so that they can fit the whole thing into commercialised movie time.

However, from the perspective of a person who has yet to read the book ( my dad, who is too busy to read books) said it was a pretty good movie, with non-stop blow by blow action and a very surprising ending.

If all priest are as sexy as Ewan McGregor, I will go to church everyday.

The story opened with the death of the Pope, followed by the death of a scientist at CERN, and the reappearance of ancient anti-Christ group Illuminati. Naturally, this kind of super-ancient stuff requires Harvard symbologist, Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks reprised the role with a better haircut) to assist in. Then another physicist, Vittoria Vetra from CERN came to find her lost specimen of anti-matter, or better known as the God Particle. After a series of clues and treasure hunt all across Rome, they finally got the culprit, elected the new Pope and a fairly happy ending. I shall not delve into the details because the element of surprise is still there.

Comparing the book and the movie, the book provide much more details and explanation that the movie cannot give. And the book sound more logical than the movie as in the movie, Robert Langdon seemed to already know the truth and there are way too much coincidences. Plus, the movie didn't really leave much space for imagination or thoughts to ponder. The movie, by all means, is a very good thriller with wonderful suspense and a growing momentum by each minute. But in my humble opinion, it leaves much of the details out, making it feel rather empty. However, I didn't know Ewan McGregor played the Camerlengo. And Vittoria Vetra and Commander Olivetti in the movie definitely doesn't fit my imagination from the book. But the cast did a great job overall. Ron Howard did a great job directing the movie. Hans Zimmer did a great job writing the scores. Screenplay suck because I seriously feel like the story was riped apart and raped of its dignity by such abreached movie.

Ratings : 7.5/10. If you like intellectual thriller and sight-seeing, this is the movie for you. If you read the book, expect to be disappointed like me. If you are looking for some kickass action scenes, look elsewhere.

Stay Out Of My Life

This is the lyrics that I was suddenly inspired to write to a song where the melody I will write once I get my electric guitar ( which may be forever never)

This is strictly creative writing. If you termakan cili, then be prepared to feel pedas la...

You're so over you big fat liar
I hope you disappear from my life forever
If you want to lie please lie smarter
Because you are born a heart breaker
So stay out of my life

Since you are forever so undecided
Why don't you make up your pathetic mind
Instead of putting up that pitiful whine
Have some guts and swallow your pride
And stay out of my life

I say left and you go right
I just want to talk and you want a fight
And don't you dare say it is my fault
My only mistake believing your empty words
Congratulation you just lost my trust
Now stay out of my life

I don't even care what's her name
Please pack your bags and your shit
And go seek some other sympathy
Go out and act like you need pity
In the end you'll just give love a bad name
Just stay out of my life

PS : This post is seriously influenced by Pink's "So What", Katy Perry's "You're so gay" and "Hot N' Cold", Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and a little Taylor Swift's lyrical influence. Don't know what made me to write this nonsensical post. For fun? Or just a show of attitude? (Feeling a little rocker chic at the moment... Because my want for an electric guitar?) Hahaha... This is soooo nonsensical...

X Men Origin : Wolverine - A Review

Ever since this movie was speculated and in production, I was already anticipating it. Alas, it did not disappoint. Though the storyline may be a bit predictable for me (because I read the synopsis and I used to follow the cartoon when I was young) but the actions and the effects are still COOL!!!

The movie opened with young James Logan murdering his real father after thinking that his surrogate father was killed by his real father. Then Victor Creed, the half brother, brought him on a run and since they were immortal, they joined all kinds of wars, from cold wars to world wars to present wars. That was until Colonel William Stryker recruited them to join a team of super-mutants. When Logan cannot take the task assigned to him and his brother's enormous killing appetite, he left the team. Six years later, he was living a normal life in Canada with a girl named Kayla. But Kayla was killed by Victor, so were the members from the team. Logan embarked on a revenge journey and let Stryker put adamantium in him, making him indestructable. After a lot of twists and turns, it turned out that Victor was still working for Stryker and so was Kayla. Then a kickass action scene where we witnessed the birth of Deadpool. Later, Kayla died for real and Stryker blew out Logan's brain with adamantium bullets. However, since Logan can't die, he lived but with part of his memories missing.

Well, that explains everything in the X Men trilogy. Everything sorta falls into places. Like I said, the plot was very predictable to me but the thing that really attract me to the movie are the actors and of course, the actions. Can anyone make this movie hotter with the uber- sexy Hugh Jackman? I thought the screen was going to burst into flames when Wade Wilson, played by sexy Canadian Ryan Reynolds, where swinging those bullets- dodging swords!! And Liev Schreider as Sabretooth, can anyone play the role better than him? Not to forget the mutants that come in and go out with a bang, like Gambit (Taylor Kitsch), John (Will.I.Am), Agent Zero, and young Cyclops. Too bad, Wade Wilson had so little screen time and Deadpool was darn ugly. I thought it would be so much better if they follow the comic design where he wears a mask. And in this movie, we got to see Charles Xavier STANDING. Yup, without that wheelchair.

All in all, this is a good one. So worth watching.

Ratings : 8.5/10 . No matter you watched the X Men trilogy before this or not, you will still be enchanted by the movie. It is good enough to attract new fans yet very relevant to die hard fans. And this is a perfect movie to oogle at cool sexy guys with super powers!! And the soundtrack ROCKS too!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hallelujah, My Love, My Guitar...

I heard there was a calling from up above
He came to me in my dreams
And helped me wiped my tears away
Told me to have faith and do not fear
I am not alone when I shout Hallelujah
Because He heard me sang Hosanna
And He is here to be my strength

Peter Gabriel sang of a song
It's called the Book of Love
Although the song was long
It was filled with beautiful words that I longed
Who would read to me when I'm in darkness?
I cannot dance alone with the steps
That is written for friends and family

I have a song that I am learning to play
Until my fingers are sore and my guitar strings taut
A song dedicated to you but you will never hear
Because on me your eyes never lay
Because the melody is written here
A cracked spot on the left side of my chest
Somewhere you never care
Because she is more important to you

Hallelujah, praise the Lord
For giving me love and taking it away
For letting me feel pain
When I play on every guitar string
Drew Jenkinson can make me cry
When I sing with him to praise Your name
Hallelujah, my love, my guitar
Because of you I grew strong

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vantage Point - A Review

This thriller is one of a kind. This thriller is uniquely exceptional. This thriller is impressive.

Vantage Point, as the name already suggested, showed different vantage points of the same incident -- The assassination of the US President.

This movie is a star-cast movie with big names the likes of Dennis Quaid, Forrest Whitaker, Matthew Fox, Sigourney Weaver and many more. The public assassination of the US President was viewed from so many different points of view, namely the media, the secret service agent, the suspect, the unsuspecting tourist, the President himself, the terrorists themselves, the assassin, and a little girl. The first few vantage points were rather vague. Then things started to fall into their rightful places.

I shall not reveal more about the plot because it will take the total fun away from it. But this movie is a good one. It kept me guessing what will happen next and who is the good guy or the bad guy. And the most impressive thing is the cinematography of this movie. The same incident, the same 23 minutes prior to assassination, were filmed from so many points of views. And the incidents were filmed in such a way that I cannot spot the flaw of it, like it was really a continuos flow of events. And the stories from all these different vantage points were so excellently told that there were no obvious questions left unanswered.

The ending was quite shocking as well. All the pieces came together in such beautiful ways that all the vantage points were gathered at the same location and there, the movie summarised the whole story, in such compact way. But I have to admit that the ending was a bit of an anti-climax. Because before that, the movie got all oour adrenaline pumping. We were so anxious and BAM... Everything goes out in a bang and the end... It is like falling from a tall building and the motion was suddenly stopped when it hit the concrete ground. Nonetheless, this is one good movie for those who are into conspiracy theories, president assassinations, and great cinematography.

Ratings : 8.5/10
Very good movie. A very compact and worthwhile 2 hours watching this.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Found this song where his beautiful voice and the music arrangement moved me so much that I nearly cried.

The singer is Drew Jenkinson. This video was self- made at home. He is really talented and he should be putting out a CD instead of recording at home. Gosh, I wish I can sing like this!


R.AGE's What d'ya Say

I was simply minding my own business when YY suggest that I answer these questions.
This is a series of questions asked by famous people and tokoh-tokohs of our country. For original site, visit

It has been really though provoking and interesting answering all these questions. I have never seriously thought of some of them before. And I figured I would like to share with you guys here.
These are just my opinions on the matters. Comments and reply post are all welcome.

How would you like to see Malaysia in the future?

I would like to see Malaysia as a developed nation where integrity, honour, unity and talent are greatly valued. I would like to see a nation which is truly colour- blind and just. I would also like to see a nation which is green and environmental- friendly.

What do you understand by "youth empowerment"?

To me, youth empowerment means giving responsibilities, duties and power to the youth of today, whether it is the simple task of selecting a youth as a committee member or entrusting a youth to organise and event. Youth empowerment simply means giving trust and confidence to a youth and believe that they can carry out their responsibilities as well as an adult.

What can you contribute to the country in this time of economy crisis?

In this time of economic crisis, I think the best things youth can help is to buy government bonds once we are legal of age. Then we can start investing money in fixed deposit accounts and other means. Besides, frugality is not really a bad thing. It helps us to spend money on only what is necessary.

Are you ready for gender equality?

Of course. Gender equality doesn't mean downplaying the role of men or promoting the superiority of the fairer sex. To me, gender equality means respecting men and women as equal counterparts as both male and female contributes differently in various level of the world and in life cycle.

What will it take for you as the youth to think 'Malaysian' first and Chinese/Malay/Indian next?

When the adults and policy makers start thinking so. I am sure all of us has encounter a situation where the aunty in pasar malam will start calling people by their races such as "Ah Moi" or "Tambi". I am also sure that when all of us fill in forms or applying for anything, even filling in lucky draw forms in shopping malls, we are asked to fill in the "Race" or "Keturunan" column. If we are segregate and differentiated in such minor things in daily life, how can we possibly think of "Malaysian" first before thinking of races?

When you look into the mirror, do you see a member of an ethnic group (Malay, Chinese, Indian etc) or do you see a Malaysian?

I would love to be able to see a Malaysian but sadly I still see an ethnic group.

When you are confused about your sexuality, to whom and where can you go to talk about it?

If there is such issue, I would talk to an adult who will not judge me for who I am.

What drives you crazy?

Ignorance, especially the ignorance of knowledge and the ignorance of manners.

What do you think about yourself?

I think myself as an eager learner and a humble teacher that wants to know more about life (not just about books or maths or chemistry or how many A's I get in the exams) and willing to help others understand the world.

How can we educate men to stop committing violence against women?

First, men must learn to respect women and not be bitter when a woman actually perform better than men in any field. Men must also learn the right way to listen to a women, to touch them, to see them and to appreciate them. For instance, men should be taught to listen the opinion of women, not disregard them; men should learn to touch women with respect, not with ill-intend; men should learn to see women positively, not with lust.

What things about us seem unfair to you?

Most adults don't listen and try to understand youth. Adults fail to understand that the environment that youths are facing nowadays are so much different from their days. We are constantly exposed to the media, peer pressure, different education system, an entire different set of culture, etc. I am quite sure youths today are no strangers to words like this: "Look at you kids now. When I was a kid, I never do this." How can adults compare the present with 30 years ago?

What do you really think of your parents (and no need to be politically correct and only say nice things!)?

I think of my parents are great teachers and good parents who do everything with a good intend, even if it is the wrong way, ie: forcing us to do something we don't like but it is for our own good.

There are many things that can motivate us, but that is different from what our own motivation is. What is your motivation, and why?

My motivation is my desire and my want for perfection. When I set sight on a goal, I will not let go no matter how many obstacles stand in my way, or how many times I fail. I will only let go when I no longer want it anymore. I always give my best in everything I do, no matter how small or insignificant it may be because I believe that it is better to try and fail than to never do it at all for fear of failure. I am also motivated by pride some times, because I want to make myself feel good about achieving something or make my family proud of me.

What is the definition of an artiste?

An artiste is someone who showcase their talents to the public. An artiste success is not measured by how many albums he/she has under her belt, how many awards he/she wins but how well his/her audience remember his/her performance.

What will make politics more interesting to you?

It is interesting enough now, with certain situations in certain states. I am sure politics now will get very good ratings if it is made into a movie or a series.

How important is national pride to you?

Not really that important.

If you were elected into power, what three immediate changes would you make?

Abolishment of ISA and allow freedom of press and freedom of speech;

Revamp the entire education system into one that is based less on results but more on skills learned and on practical knowledge;

Start a Green policy and ban smoking and styrofoam in the nation.

What does it take to become a champion?

Perseverance, determination, passion and not afraid of failure.

How important is it to you to put aside time for voluntary work in the community, whether locally or globally?

Very important. Everyone should give back to the society whenever possible. Even random act of kindness to a stranger or a homeless bum on the street is good enough.

If there's one thing you would change about school, what would it be?

I would like to remove the overemphasis on A's and results. I would also like to remove ignorant teachers who refuses to improve themselves or admit that they are wrong even when proven by students.

How do you perceive your role and responsibility as a citizen of Malaysia and the world?

I do my bit in helping to save the environment by reusing materials as much as possible.

What are you reading?

I am re-reading "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown and "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom.

I am reading "Five People You Meet In Heaven" also by Mitch Albom.

Plus, I just received my monthly copy of National Geographic. And I read blogs and newspapers daily.

Do you believe only the young can speak to the young?

No. Anyone can speak to the young as long as one takes the patience and effort.

We had games like Chopping, Kunda Kundi, Catching, Five Stone, Galah Panjang, Police and Thief and many more. What games bring you out of the house?

Cycling. And shopping.

How will your lives be different if music ceased to exist?

I cannot imagine live without music. Music is my inspiration, my chanel of expression, my companion... Music is my life. Without music, I will have no live.

What fresh new ideas do the young generation have to help solve global economy crisis and world peace ?

In terms of global economy crisis, the rich should help the poor. The rich can help by donation or even investment.

In terms of world peace, awareness and education should help in world peace. And people should be less greedy and power-hungry.

Is there more to you than money, money, money, the rat race, finding a rich partner and "scoring"?

Of course. Life is about learning. Undeniable that having money, winning that rat race, getting a rich partner and "scoring" are great, but those are just bonus. In the end, when you are on your death bed, only life satisfaction and the peace with yourself and those people in your life that matters the most.

When you close your eyes and see yourself, what do you dream you are and what do you dream you can become?

I dream that I am a singer with amazing voice, playing my guitar and singing songs that I wrote myself.

In reality, I dream to be a successful researcher in the field of biomedical science, particularly in the field of disease transmission and pathogen evolution.

Do you care who your leaders are?

I care about leaders that I work closely with because their decision and performance will influence me and those who work with me. But I don't really care about the national leaders because at this point, I am mostly disgruntled with all the political drama.

Do you feel disconnected from the politics of Malaysia and in this regard how much do you value your right to vote?

Not at all. I value my right to vote if the leaders the people choose get to govern the country and serve the people.

What are the characteristics of good governance and what is your role in ensuring that these characteristics are truly embodied by the government of the day?

To me, good governance is the attitude of serving the people and making the best decision for the people. Good governance also means efficiency and proficiency.

My role in the matter is to voice out issues with hope that the policy makers actually take note of what the people really thinks and really needs.

What do you think is a good age for a young person to leave home?

I think the appropriate time for a young person to leave home is after secondary education where they most probably need to leave home for tertiary education. This is a stage where a person is eager to learn about the world, a little reckless, but still sensible and rational enough to make the right decision.

Do you feel that creativity (or freedom to express oneself creatively) is sufficiently encouraged in this country?

No. Even in kindergarten level, children are programmed that apples are red and grapes are purple. Then in primary school education, students are programmed that a certain sentence can only be written in a certain way and no other. In secondary school, students are taught to memorise sample answers and essays. Our education is simply mass producing robots with a predefined mind. Not many are even capable of thinking out of the box, let alone express oneself creatively.

If, as a young person, you are able to lead this nation, how will you seek to build a Malaysia where there is greater consciousness of being Malaysians first?

Let go of the race perception. Abolish all race- based quotas, privileges, advantages and build a nation strictly based on merit. Then the word "Malaysian" will be an identity of people who are capable of excellence.

Why are so many young Malaysians apparently so apolitical?

Most of our youth today put high emphasis on themselves and entertainment celebrities rather than politics because they are self centred and immature.

On the other hand, some youth may think that all the current political drama is a waste of time because it seems to be never-ending.

You all are so blessed with everything lay on your table whether is technology, transportation and even communications, but what do you see yourself 10 years from now? Can the world be a better place with your new generation knowledge?

In 10 years time, I see myself as a person who is capable of contributing to the world's development. The world definitely can be a better place with new knowledge and new ideas, but only if we don't destroy the world with so much pollution and war in these 10 years.

What is the best thing about being in a multi-racial country?

I can to learn about other culture, speak other languages, taste other traditional food and often embracing other cultures as my own.

Do you think lecturers in a university should learn to be more effective teachers?

Yes. We cannot deny that many lecturers are people with knowledge to share. But not many of them are good at conveying messages. They should learn to teach effectively instead of just lecturing.

How would you like to see Malaysia become in 10 years time?

A nation of success with equality, justice, minimal politicking and scandals.

Should the young know who is Tun Sri Lanang, A.Samad Ismail, Usman Awang, Victor Hugo, Tagore, Lu Xun or Tolstoy?

Of course. The ignorance of the past is simply the first step to repeating mistakes in the future. And definitely, without the past, how can there be a present and for sure there will not be a future. Plus, this people are really great people with great ideas and revolutionary insights.

Do you feel that you have got a good deal as a Malaysian citizen?

Good enough. At least I am not born into a war-torn country where children die in hunger, women get raped and killed for family honour and the government doesn't care if the people are alive or not.

How can we become a developed nation without sacrificing our local and traditional values?

By integrating traditional values into developing the country. However, we cannot be tied down to those values because as times changes, values will have to change to adapt to the world. Or not, our country will simply be phased out by the other countries as they move forward while we are still wallowing in our midst of old-fashioned ways.

Apakah yang anda fahami tentang pentingnya mencintai sungai dan alam semulajadi?

River is the main vein of survival. Even in early civilization, people lived near rivers. If we don't love our environment that we are actually commiting suicide in slow motion because we are destroying something that sustain our very survival.

What does being grateful to your country mean to you?

It meant giving back to the country, be it serving the country or simply giving back to the society through voluntary work or helping others.

What is the most important thing about being a young Malaysian?

The courage to dream big and one day contribute to the world as a Malaysian in any way.

What do you think you are all about, really?

I am about being the best person I can, making changes when necessary, trying new things, challenging myself and others, feeling emotion and appreciating the environment, not matter good or bad.

The youths of today will have the most impact on making the vision of 'One Malaysia' a reality. How are you as young Malaysians today going make this dream a reality?

The concept of "One Malaysia" is a good one. But it will take a long time to realise. And I personally don't think that it will occur in our generation. We have to break down racial barrier, religious differences, and so many more. And these takes years, if not, generations.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

White Horse by LiliAna Rose

I found this amazing cover of White Horse by LiliAna Rose on YouTube.
Her voice is simply amazing. And the guitar arrangement is brilliant. The emotion of the song is so precisely conveyed.

Can anyone share with me if you guys have this mp3 or let me know where to download it? I simply love her voice!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Play

Today is the BEST day in semester break, so far...

Hahahaha.... Reason? I met up with a dear old friend today.


Ok, she came back 3 weeks earlier and is in Ipoh the whole time. The problem is I mixed up her semester break with someone else's and she didn't know I was back last week. So we actually spent last week miserable... LOL...

Anyway, today we met up at Stadium and played SQUASH!! I've never played squash in my life before. The only knowledge I have of squash was to hit that rubber ball against the wall and hit it again when it comes again. How hard can it be? I mean, if Nicole David can do it, so can I... Or, that was what I thought...

We played for 1 hour and... dang... it was tiring... Suk Ning was kind enough to teach me how to hold the racquet, serve the ball, hit the ball. But sadly, I am a bad student... I just suck in squash... Hahaha... The longest consecutive stroke I did was FOUR stroke. And it was really tiring chasing the ball all over the court and not be able to hit it. Luckily I still cycle in campus, thus I still have some sort of stamina lying dormant within me. But I was dripping with sweat after the one-hour workout. Sorry Ning, I know I suck in the game and you are still patient enough to teach me slowly.

After that, we went to Stadium for drinks... Mana tau, all shops TUTUP... Only got a few malay stall. So we ended up in Woolley Food City.

We both ordered some desserts and we chatted for almost one hour, catching up with each other and talking about good old times...

After getting home and bathing, I did what I did best. I played the guitar for almost one and a half hour!! Haha... I am still practicing White Horse and Tears In Heaven. Still need a lot of practicing... But hell, it was fun, even my fingers sting like crazy!!

Today was the best day compared to my rather boring semester break. I am so jealous of those people who get to go on trips. I am so grounded at home due to some matters... Yea, I am rotting... But today, even though my whole body ache like crazy and my fingers are kinda red from jamming today, I still feel like a billion bucks!!

Thank you Suk Ning for asking me out today and giving me such a great time!! And thank god that I have my guitar with me all these time!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plastiki -- Message in a Bottle

When David de Rothschild announced that he planned to sail the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney on a boat made entirely out of plastic bottles, many were skeptical about the idea. But the lack of confidence is the least of de Rothschild's worries. The 30 year old environmentalist speaks with crusader-like conviction about "harnessing his dreams to inspire, educate and engage individuals, communities and industry to become agents of environmental change."

4 years ago, de Rothschild, heir of one of the world's greatest banking fortunes sets up Adventure Ecology where he raise public awareness about the various enviromental issues. The idea of Plastiki were conceived when de Rothschild wanted to REUSE materials instead of recycling. Recycling usese energy, often producing by-products that endanger the environment. Substitution like paper bags, wood and other biodegradeble materials are undeniably green, but why don't we reuse what we already have in abundance- plastic?

Plastiki is a boat completely made up of plastic bottles, blown hard with gases. The turning point of the boat's construction came when de Rothschild and his team of expert researchers discovered a revolutionary "smart" plastic - SrPet. The Plastiki concept designer, Michael Pawlyn opted for a pomegranate-like construction, with bottles packed into an inverted V beneath the boat's skeleton. The boat's egg-shaped cabin contain four berths with high tech equipment that enable live blog feed and a plug-and-play navigation system. It has fixed centreboards that enable manual navigation by sails and a small vegetable garden and vacuum evaporator for daily drinking water. Plastiki is literally a green vehicle which is completely independant and self-sustainable. "In that sense the Plastiki is also about solutions, not just drawing attention to the problems." said Pawlyn.

On this expedition, Rothschild had expressed that the success of Plastiki relies mainly on his team. He is also confident that this expedition will attract attention of the people to the issue of sea pollution where the Pacific Ocean is literally home to plastic waste where marine lives are critically endangered. He also brought attention to the concept of reusing when there is an opportunity rather than recyling. Last but not least, de Rothschild has become the idol and ispiration of many adventurers for his courage and ambition.

Information adapted from Reader's Digest May 2009 issue, pg 90-97
National Geographic official website

For more information and daily updates on the voyage of Plastiki, visit

Discovery of the CENTURY

This discovery is the pioneer of its own field where many of the field's expert will look into this discovery and laugh. This discovery is not for the faint-hearted and humourless. This discovery will bring the skillful art to a whole new level. Activity subjects, beware, you will never be the same again once you witness this birth of new methods...

It is named as -- Methods To RAG Freshmen

This activity shall only be done by experts, namely the conspirators. Do not do try this at home.

Scenario 1
A walks down a corridor, holding a stack of papers, trips on something and falls down while the papers get scatter all around the floor. A sits on the floor and cry, " I'M DONE BEING A CLASS REP YOU MUDDERF*****" and rips the papers into tiny pieces...

Scenario 2
A wears a lab coat with messy hair and follows B around campus. B collapses onto the floor in cafeteria and A notes in notebook EXPERIMENT OF CYANIDE PRODUCTION-- SUCCESSFUL.

Scenario 3
A walks in library, suddenly laughs hysterically and exclaims, "MUM, I CAN'T DO 10 ASSIGNMENTS AT ONCE ANYMORE!!" Then continues walking...

Scenario 4
A goes up to the 2nd floor in Block D, sits on the rail, and shouts, "MY RESULTS LAST SEMESTER SUCKS... WITH CGPA 3.99 ONLY... I WANNA DIE!!"

Scenario 5
A pretends to be a staff by wearing a red lenyard. B grabs A by the collar and shakes the air out of A saying, "WHY DID YOU GIME SO LOW FOR THAT PAPER? YOU MAKE ME FAIL THE PAPER YOU *insert own profanity* !!!"

Scenario 6
A pretends to be a lecturer and exclaims loudly,"WHO WILL BE THE UNFORTUNATE 90% WHOM I WILL FAIL THIS SEMESTER... *evil laughs*"

Scenario 7
A wears bandages and confronts B while screaming, "WHY DID YOU MOW ME DOWN WITH YOUR CAR WHILE I WAS CYCLING LAST SEMESTER?"

Scenario 8
A eats in cafeteria, pulls out a bunch of fake hair, pants, wheezes, chokes, exclaims,"CAFETERIA FOOD IS RADIOACTIVE!!"

Scenario 9
A talks loudly to B about the ghost of a girl who haunts toilets in UTAR because another ghost killed her in campus.

Scenario 10
A walks in campus wearing ragged clothes and mumbles to self, "MONEY MONEY MONEY EVERYDAY OFFICE ASK MONEY... I HAVE TO SELL EVERYTHING TO STUDY..."

Okay, me and my best friend were THIS bored...

Come June, UTAR will be flooded with new students, an expectation of nearly 4500 new students this intake. Yup. With the limited space in campus ( they are taking waaaaaay too long to build that new block...) we reckon this will affect our creativity input and those, came out with this new discovery - Ways to rag freshmen, with hope that this can reduce the number of new students drastically, and increase some spaces for our butts in cafeteria... Okay, mostly because I mentioned that I will be so bored in campus without my roommate that she suggested that I go rag some freshies...

Disclaimer's note :
The conspirators of the ideas will NOT be responsible should any of these should happen in UTAR or any other campuses.

Good for laughs, eh?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Peace... But For How Long?

After months of heated arguments, countless embarrassing spectacle, blunt comments and accusation and a much anticipated but mostly ignored court ruling, we finally see the much- awaited light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Today, the High Court had made its decision. Justice Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim ruled leader, PakatanNizar Jamaluddin is the legitimate and rightful chief minister of Perak, not UMNO's Zambry Kadir.

This is a proof that at least one part of the country's judiciary is just and wise.

And as a demonstration of good faith and the righteous process of democracy, Nizar is returning the power to the people of the state. Tomorrow, he will seek an audience with the Sultan to request for dissolution of the State Council and hold a fresh election, where the people of the state will have the chance to voice out and decide on the future leaders of the state.

Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition Leader

This is a victory for the people and also for the system of democracy in our country. We urge PAS leader Nizar Jamaluddin to immediately resume his duties as Menteri Besar, Perak.

Today’s decision proves that the Constitution is the highest law in our country. It is therefore crucial for all government institutions to respect the spirit that is enshrined in the Constitution and the laws it contains.

To end the crisis in Perak, Pakatan Rakyat will seek a dissolution of the Perak state assembly with immediate effect.

This will allow the rakyat to re-determine the state government that they want and trust through fresh election. We are confident that the people will choose wisely for their future and the future of the nation.

Ramon Navaratnam, ex-president of Transparency International

This is a good chance, perhaps even the last, for Najib to regain some credibility. He should no longer thwart their wishes but accept with good grace and humility the court’s decision today. If Nizar calls for fresh election, Najib must not oppose or stand in his way.

Only then, will our sixth prime minister have a chance to claw back from the darkness that has surrounded Perak. If he behaves honourably, there is still chance for him to learn his lesson and turn defeat into victory.

Azrul Azwa, economist Bank Islam

This court ruling sheds a light at the end of the tunnel for our friends in Perak and even for us - the country as whole. At the end of the day, the decision must go back to the people. Let them decide, it is their state and their leaders.

You see, when the people are confident, investors will also be confident. I hope the the powers-that-be will not drag out the matter. Investor confidence in our system, our judiciary and the independence of our judges, has worn so thin the past months. Today’s ruling will help to repair some of that damage. But it is still very fragile.

All in all, the Sultan has no reason to decline audience with Nizar. And we shall see that the people of the state will finally speak up and choose our own rightful leaders.

Although Malaysia has a long way to go before reaching political maturity, but this just ruling by the Court and the wise step taken by Nizar is the very first step for the country to step out of its political infacy towards becoming a greater nation of democracy.


Fairytale With No Happy Ending

This is a big world
An oyster of opportunities
An world of possibilities
That was a small town
And I am holding my guitar
Strumming along the breeze
Singing a song to a lover
That never loved back

Life is like dark chocolate
One part sweet
Three parts bitter
I just wanna make milk chocolate
And I am holding my guitar
Strumming along to the silence of the night
Singing songs to couples on the street
With dreams I can never have

Knight in shining armour
Juliet's Romeo
Elizabeth's Mr Darcy
Someone that kiss Snow White back to life
And I am holding my guitar
Strumming to hopeful children
Singing fairy tales to them
Before they know that it is not real

I pace back and forth
Holding on because I still believe you
Maybe I was naive
Got lost it your kiss and never really found myself
And I am holding my guitar
Strumming to you
Singing a love story with white horses and fearless love
But I know I'm not your princess

Dreams with happy endings
Castle built on thin air
A familiar shadow walking away
A familiar gesture of disappointment
And I am holding my guitar
Strumming to broken promises
Singing to the teardrops on my guitar
Weeping deep inside where you can't see

Friday, May 8, 2009

La Lune

La Lune, means To The Moon...

Listening to this song, makes me think of dreams and ambitions and all the possibilities... Like the dream of going to the moon...

What are my impossible dreams? They are not complicated, not ambitious, not bitchy... They are just... simple... dreams...

I dream of opening a toy shop, something like Mr Mangorium's Wonder Emporium. One with magical touches that brings happiness to people.
(Magic don't exist, I know...)

I dream of wearing a black gown, one made of beautiful materials that glows as I walk down the spiral stairs, one that shines against the moon...
( I am not exactly a supermodel, I know...)

I dream of dancing in heavy rain, because of happiness. I dream of kissing a very special someone, feeling his warmth in cold rain.
( I don't have anyone special, I know...)

I dream of lying on an open field, with my head on his chest, listening his slow breathe, counting stars and wishing that serenity never be taken away.
(I am building castle out of thin air, I know...)

I dream of listening to the beautiful sounds of violins and cellos, in Sydney Opera House or the London Philharmonic Hall.
(Not possible in near future, I know)

I dream of traveling in the Arctic, on a hot air balloon.
(Scientifically impossible, I know)

I dream of staring out the window and see snow.
(Not in Malaysia, I know...)

I dream of touching a star, holding on in my hands and feel its glow within my palm.
(I am day dreaming, I know)

Once, my dad told me that the courage to dream of the impossible is the first step towards making things possible.

Reach in to find the best within yourself,
Reach out to give the others the best of you,
Reach up to touch the sky with the best of everyone...

PS: I still believe in the impossible...

Twilight - A Review

What exactly is so great about this movie?
Seriously... I swore I slept through half the movie...

Ok, I watched the movie just now. I know, way later than most people... After the movie, I understand why I didn't get caught up in the whole Twilight-Edward-Cullen-Bella-Swan thing...

The plot spells PREDICTABLE all over it (No, I didn't read the book). This story tells of a new girl, Bella Swan (Kirsten Stewart) arriving at a new town and falling in love with the local vampire, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) Then another vampire wanted Bella for dinner and the whole Cullen family protected her by racing her out of the town, only to have her running back to the villain to save her mum. Bella got hurt and here comes the hero... Edward saved the day and the movie ended in a very unsuccessful hanging cliff where Edward and Bella were kissing while the other vampire watched in silence, probably planning for a revengeful sequel.

The whole movie was set in a very gloomy environment. It looked like a thrashy imitation of The Covenant, minus the coolness. And seriously, Edward Cullen looked way too pale to be walking around and not arousing suspiscion. Bella must be seriously blinded by love. How can she go out with someone that looks like a walking corpse, with messy hair and pale, cold skin. But the movie did give ideas that took dating to a whole new level. Imagine laying on the wet grass while it is about to rain, or admiring scenery from a very very tall tree top, playing baseball in thunderstorm at inhumane speed, having the guy sneaked into your room and spent hours with you without daddy noticing... But the dialogue was a bit too cheesy for me...

And the soundtrack is pretty good too... Except that they miscredited some people. Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen didn't write Bella's Theme. It was an original piece by Yiruma called River Flows In You. Shame on you, Robert. First you plagiarise Yiruma, then you wana record an album under the name of Edward Cullen, which is techinically a copyright of the Twilight's author.

Ratings : 5/10. Either you are so bored that you have no other movies to watch or you are in love with Robert Pattinson, or not, this might not be a good one to watch...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yes Man - A Review

This brilliant movie started with Carl (Jim Carrey) being a walking corpse, as in a living that was dead in spirit.

Okay, that sounds supernatural. But no, this movie is really a good romance that inspires me, no matter in the topic of love, or life...

Carl got dumped by his girlfriend, Stephanie, and started a pessimistic life, rejecting everything, not even phone calls from his buddies. Then he got a brochure and attended a seminar which required him to say "Yes" to everything. He did reluctantly at first. Then good things happened and he soon felt that his life was finally taking a turn when he met a girl named Allison. Carl's positive attitude to life brought him adventure, new friends, experience and a romantic interest. Then things turned bad because he said "Yes" to too many people, even to things that he didn't felt like it at all. But after an accident, he knew what he did wrong, apologised to Allison and ... there you go... HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Saying YES saved a suicidal man...

Brand new experience non?

The plot is pretty predictable... But it is a romance movie, what do you expect? But it is a good one. I learned a few lessons myself here.

Lesson no 1 : Say "YES" to every opportunity. Maybe that way I won't be segregated that much because of a certain incident.
Lesson no 2 : Don't sulk after a break- up. No one would pity you.
Lesson no 3 : Stick with friends like Carl's friends stuck with him, even when they don't want to. Because mine never stick with me when I needed them to.
Lesson no 4 : Get myself a lot of things to do after a break up. Lazing at home, avoiding events, won't help.
Lesson no 5 : Don't say "YES" when I don't feel like it. I don't need to please everyone, especially when I don't want to.
Lesson no 6 : Maintain a positive outlook on everything. There is always a good side to every bad side.
Lesson no 7 : Be bold and maybe kiss a stranger like Allison. That guy may be my lucky guy.
Lesson no 8 : It is always better to know how to ride a vehicle on two wheels.
Lesson no 9 : And, never ride a Ducati wearing only hospital gown, because half your butt will be shown to the public.
Lesson no 10 : Lastly, things like these only happens in movies...

All in all, a very sweet and cozy romance story. And I absolutely adore Allison.

Ratings : 7.5/10. Suitable for those who wanted a brand new perspective on living life, and those who just want entertainment.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Match Point - A Review

I watched this some time ago, but today, I finally sat down and watched this movie again. This is one slow-paced thriller than had me almost at the edge of my chair (well, literally, edge of my bed)

This movie is a suspense romance starring Jonathan Rhys- Meyers, Scarlett Johansson, Emily Mortimer and a bunch of unknown actors. This movie is directed by Woody Allen, with dash of style and a sense of dark humour. Since this is a suspense romance where everything depends greatly on the plot, I don't want to say anything about the story that might give away spoilers. Basically, this movie is about two tormented souls that had an affair while one being married and the other being excessively needy. Something happened in between, resulting in a very very shocking ending.

The point is, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is HOT!!! I already love that guy in The Tudors. But watching this movie, I definitely had a crush on him!! And he look even hotter with Scarlett Johansson. Emily Mortimer is good looking too, but her character which consistently whine and complained really took the fun out of watching her. No wonder Jonathan Rhys Meyers' character had an affair with Scarlett Johansson's character. LOL...

The plot is relatively simple. The backdrop is elegant, almost tasteful and classic. The background music consist of opera singing and some really good sopranos, which actually heightens the mood of the scenes. This movie spells simplicity all over. That is why I love it so much.

Ratings : 7/10. Not for those looking for sexy hot sticky romance, but they do have some... er... interesting... ahem...scenes... The main attraction of this movie to me is the dark sense of humour and well, Jonathan Rhys Meyers...


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