Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stay Out Of My Life

This is the lyrics that I was suddenly inspired to write to a song where the melody I will write once I get my electric guitar ( which may be forever never)

This is strictly creative writing. If you termakan cili, then be prepared to feel pedas la...

You're so over you big fat liar
I hope you disappear from my life forever
If you want to lie please lie smarter
Because you are born a heart breaker
So stay out of my life

Since you are forever so undecided
Why don't you make up your pathetic mind
Instead of putting up that pitiful whine
Have some guts and swallow your pride
And stay out of my life

I say left and you go right
I just want to talk and you want a fight
And don't you dare say it is my fault
My only mistake believing your empty words
Congratulation you just lost my trust
Now stay out of my life

I don't even care what's her name
Please pack your bags and your shit
And go seek some other sympathy
Go out and act like you need pity
In the end you'll just give love a bad name
Just stay out of my life

PS : This post is seriously influenced by Pink's "So What", Katy Perry's "You're so gay" and "Hot N' Cold", Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and a little Taylor Swift's lyrical influence. Don't know what made me to write this nonsensical post. For fun? Or just a show of attitude? (Feeling a little rocker chic at the moment... Because my want for an electric guitar?) Hahaha... This is soooo nonsensical...

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