Friday, May 8, 2009

La Lune

La Lune, means To The Moon...

Listening to this song, makes me think of dreams and ambitions and all the possibilities... Like the dream of going to the moon...

What are my impossible dreams? They are not complicated, not ambitious, not bitchy... They are just... simple... dreams...

I dream of opening a toy shop, something like Mr Mangorium's Wonder Emporium. One with magical touches that brings happiness to people.
(Magic don't exist, I know...)

I dream of wearing a black gown, one made of beautiful materials that glows as I walk down the spiral stairs, one that shines against the moon...
( I am not exactly a supermodel, I know...)

I dream of dancing in heavy rain, because of happiness. I dream of kissing a very special someone, feeling his warmth in cold rain.
( I don't have anyone special, I know...)

I dream of lying on an open field, with my head on his chest, listening his slow breathe, counting stars and wishing that serenity never be taken away.
(I am building castle out of thin air, I know...)

I dream of listening to the beautiful sounds of violins and cellos, in Sydney Opera House or the London Philharmonic Hall.
(Not possible in near future, I know)

I dream of traveling in the Arctic, on a hot air balloon.
(Scientifically impossible, I know)

I dream of staring out the window and see snow.
(Not in Malaysia, I know...)

I dream of touching a star, holding on in my hands and feel its glow within my palm.
(I am day dreaming, I know)

Once, my dad told me that the courage to dream of the impossible is the first step towards making things possible.

Reach in to find the best within yourself,
Reach out to give the others the best of you,
Reach up to touch the sky with the best of everyone...

PS: I still believe in the impossible...

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