Monday, May 11, 2009

Peace... But For How Long?

After months of heated arguments, countless embarrassing spectacle, blunt comments and accusation and a much anticipated but mostly ignored court ruling, we finally see the much- awaited light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Today, the High Court had made its decision. Justice Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim ruled leader, PakatanNizar Jamaluddin is the legitimate and rightful chief minister of Perak, not UMNO's Zambry Kadir.

This is a proof that at least one part of the country's judiciary is just and wise.

And as a demonstration of good faith and the righteous process of democracy, Nizar is returning the power to the people of the state. Tomorrow, he will seek an audience with the Sultan to request for dissolution of the State Council and hold a fresh election, where the people of the state will have the chance to voice out and decide on the future leaders of the state.

Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition Leader

This is a victory for the people and also for the system of democracy in our country. We urge PAS leader Nizar Jamaluddin to immediately resume his duties as Menteri Besar, Perak.

Today’s decision proves that the Constitution is the highest law in our country. It is therefore crucial for all government institutions to respect the spirit that is enshrined in the Constitution and the laws it contains.

To end the crisis in Perak, Pakatan Rakyat will seek a dissolution of the Perak state assembly with immediate effect.

This will allow the rakyat to re-determine the state government that they want and trust through fresh election. We are confident that the people will choose wisely for their future and the future of the nation.

Ramon Navaratnam, ex-president of Transparency International

This is a good chance, perhaps even the last, for Najib to regain some credibility. He should no longer thwart their wishes but accept with good grace and humility the court’s decision today. If Nizar calls for fresh election, Najib must not oppose or stand in his way.

Only then, will our sixth prime minister have a chance to claw back from the darkness that has surrounded Perak. If he behaves honourably, there is still chance for him to learn his lesson and turn defeat into victory.

Azrul Azwa, economist Bank Islam

This court ruling sheds a light at the end of the tunnel for our friends in Perak and even for us - the country as whole. At the end of the day, the decision must go back to the people. Let them decide, it is their state and their leaders.

You see, when the people are confident, investors will also be confident. I hope the the powers-that-be will not drag out the matter. Investor confidence in our system, our judiciary and the independence of our judges, has worn so thin the past months. Today’s ruling will help to repair some of that damage. But it is still very fragile.

All in all, the Sultan has no reason to decline audience with Nizar. And we shall see that the people of the state will finally speak up and choose our own rightful leaders.

Although Malaysia has a long way to go before reaching political maturity, but this just ruling by the Court and the wise step taken by Nizar is the very first step for the country to step out of its political infacy towards becoming a greater nation of democracy.


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