Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hallelujah, My Love, My Guitar...

I heard there was a calling from up above
He came to me in my dreams
And helped me wiped my tears away
Told me to have faith and do not fear
I am not alone when I shout Hallelujah
Because He heard me sang Hosanna
And He is here to be my strength

Peter Gabriel sang of a song
It's called the Book of Love
Although the song was long
It was filled with beautiful words that I longed
Who would read to me when I'm in darkness?
I cannot dance alone with the steps
That is written for friends and family

I have a song that I am learning to play
Until my fingers are sore and my guitar strings taut
A song dedicated to you but you will never hear
Because on me your eyes never lay
Because the melody is written here
A cracked spot on the left side of my chest
Somewhere you never care
Because she is more important to you

Hallelujah, praise the Lord
For giving me love and taking it away
For letting me feel pain
When I play on every guitar string
Drew Jenkinson can make me cry
When I sing with him to praise Your name
Hallelujah, my love, my guitar
Because of you I grew strong

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