Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Australia - A Review

Before watching this movie, I was expecting a 3-hour advertisement of the country Australia.
After the movie, I am glad that I spent 3 hours laughing, smiling and crying with the characters.

The movie is about the growth of the three main character, Drover (Hugh Jackman), Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) and Nullah (Brandon Walters), all centred around one song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". The movie opens with introduction by a boy that spoke mesmerising broken English, with a mix of native tongue and funny accent. The boy was no other than Nullah, who played an important role throughout the movie. Then, came the English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley traveling to the land Down Under to look for her husband whom she suspected of having affairs with Aborigine women. She arrived in Australia only to be welcomed by the foul-mouthed, tough guy, arrogant bloke, Drover. Later she was greeted with bad news of her husband's death and the betrayal of a trusted employee, Fletcher.

To finish her husband's vision, as well as to prove to her competitor, King Carney, Lady Ashley droved cows across the land, with help from the Drover, Nullah and some natives. However, Carney and Fletcher sabotaged them countless times, trying to discourage them. But they still made it to deliver their goods to the buyer. This process was really inspiring. We see Lady Ashley changed from a fussy aristocrat to a tough gal who droved cows through the forbidden land and shouted "Crikey!" We also see Nullah growth from a boy who played, to a boy who lost his mother, to a man who believed his own abilities as well as miracles. Later in the movie, we also see the softer side of Drover.

The most memorable scene in the movie. Kissing in the rain is sooooo romantic...
(something I would love to do, someday...)

This movie is truly inspiring because the story was told from Nullah's point of view. The chaste, uncorrupted point of view of a child. The story spoke of courage, belief, strength, and determination. The story spoke of love, friendship, brotherhood, self-sacrifice, and many more. Watching the movie is like going on an emotion roller coaster.

I laughed, smiled, grinned, cried, mourned and grieved for the 3 hours. It shows that nothing can break the human spirit. It shows that love prevail. All these are backdrop against beautiful scenery and a healthy dose of Aborigine culture. Plus, the movie starred 2 big Australia names, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman and introduced a no doubt talented actor, Brandon Walters, as Nullah. Too bad it didn't made it to the Oscar because this movie is really good.

Isn't the backdrop amazing? Love the scenery...

Ratings : 8/10. Good one to watch. But if you are in for good laughs, try something else. This movie is 3 hours. Crikey... No wonder Malaysia theater don't show...

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