Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yes Man - A Review

This brilliant movie started with Carl (Jim Carrey) being a walking corpse, as in a living that was dead in spirit.

Okay, that sounds supernatural. But no, this movie is really a good romance that inspires me, no matter in the topic of love, or life...

Carl got dumped by his girlfriend, Stephanie, and started a pessimistic life, rejecting everything, not even phone calls from his buddies. Then he got a brochure and attended a seminar which required him to say "Yes" to everything. He did reluctantly at first. Then good things happened and he soon felt that his life was finally taking a turn when he met a girl named Allison. Carl's positive attitude to life brought him adventure, new friends, experience and a romantic interest. Then things turned bad because he said "Yes" to too many people, even to things that he didn't felt like it at all. But after an accident, he knew what he did wrong, apologised to Allison and ... there you go... HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Saying YES saved a suicidal man...

Brand new experience non?

The plot is pretty predictable... But it is a romance movie, what do you expect? But it is a good one. I learned a few lessons myself here.

Lesson no 1 : Say "YES" to every opportunity. Maybe that way I won't be segregated that much because of a certain incident.
Lesson no 2 : Don't sulk after a break- up. No one would pity you.
Lesson no 3 : Stick with friends like Carl's friends stuck with him, even when they don't want to. Because mine never stick with me when I needed them to.
Lesson no 4 : Get myself a lot of things to do after a break up. Lazing at home, avoiding events, won't help.
Lesson no 5 : Don't say "YES" when I don't feel like it. I don't need to please everyone, especially when I don't want to.
Lesson no 6 : Maintain a positive outlook on everything. There is always a good side to every bad side.
Lesson no 7 : Be bold and maybe kiss a stranger like Allison. That guy may be my lucky guy.
Lesson no 8 : It is always better to know how to ride a vehicle on two wheels.
Lesson no 9 : And, never ride a Ducati wearing only hospital gown, because half your butt will be shown to the public.
Lesson no 10 : Lastly, things like these only happens in movies...

All in all, a very sweet and cozy romance story. And I absolutely adore Allison.

Ratings : 7.5/10. Suitable for those who wanted a brand new perspective on living life, and those who just want entertainment.

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