Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Can Ignore This Post

Today... Well... Let's just say I've felt better...

Early in the morning... Okay... 10am something...
I cycled early to campus to do registration and take results.
Was sent to different places by blur officers...
A little pissed off but I was still laughing at it...
First day in new semester what...

Around noon, I went to FSET...
My tutorial group is ok... Acceptable...
My timetable... Still trying to swallow it...
Anyone has any suggestion how to sit through
2 two-hour lecture
and 2 two-hour practical session
In the same freaking day with limited breaks in between?

Went to have lunch in the cafeteria after that
And bumped into someone I knew
He started talking to me and...
I didn't understand the stuff he was saying

Then I realised he mistook me for someone
He didn't realised it
I know I am not exactly unique but am I that forgettable?

Attended the mass call rehearsal
It was fun making new friends

Then I cut myself on a LEAF while decorating the notice board
A freaking LEAF has to bully me now?

Later, when I am already half dead
And three quarters frozen in Heritage Hall

I did an impromptu speech on the podium
And viola...
I was suddenly named the speaker who will speak...
In front of almost 700 freshies
In the Heritage Hall...

And I have no script...

Dinner was... I can't even remember dinner...
Too tired... It was a blur...
But thanks to Andrew for the drinks...

I got home, thinking that I can relax
Only to find ANTS everywhere!!!
On my bed, on my roommate's bed, on the floor
Since I can't spray Shieldtox on mattress
I manually pick and killed the ants one by one
And my nose was itching the whole damn time
Why do I have to be allergic to ants and dust,
Among all other things?

By 8.15pm, I was lethargic from rehearsal,
And I still owe Rachel the final budget proposal
What to do?
Drag myself up again and settle the stuff

After that, I realised something
I brought the wrong blazer to Kampar
The one in my closet now is my mum's blazer
I look like a freaking pregnant lady in it...
Can things get worse now?

O yes, it can...
After the rain, my room is currently being attacked
By some stupid flying ants!!
What's with these insects???

I am done venting...
Now let's listen to some cool music
And make myself feel like a million bucks again!!

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