Saturday, May 30, 2009

Of Movie and Sinful Indulgence

Today, I went to the movies and met some great people...

Finally, I met the author of Discover Great Stuff -- Benjamin Chang!!
And of course the funny guy Puven who makes great conversation!!
Zac, Kumutha, Nicole and Nicole's mum made the outing so much more fun!!
Thanks to Ben for the movie treat and thanks to Nicole's mum for the delicious cake!! It was great "shopping" with you guys too!!

**No pictures for the afternoon outing... Too busy having fun and enjoying Secret Recipe's Cappucino Cheese Cake...**

Then in the evening, my uncles all came back to celebrate my grandmother's birthday!! I get to play with the baby cousins!! And of course, great food!! Not to mention camwhoring!! And since my uncles have very nice cameras, I get to take a lot of pictures with them!!

Yummy Carrot Cheese cake

Extra delicious dishes...
Too many dishes... Can't share all here...

Me and moi beloved grandma

Traditional candle blowing ceremony!!

Family potrait... Everyone is here!!

My handsome brother, Raymond
OMFG~~ I look so short in this picture... No no... He is tall only... Hahahaha...

My playful cousinYun Si trying to grab the camera!! Naughty!!

The two cousins fooling with each other... Fun to watch their attics!!

Today I am really happy. Because get to meet Ben finally... And see him and Puven demonstrate their amazing guitar skills! Then get to eat Secret Recipe's cake ( Thanks again to Nicole's mum for treating us) Then get to play with my cousins and enjoy a luxurious dinner... Hahaha...
God has been kind to me for surrounding me with good company and wonderful family!! What more can I ask for?

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