Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Play

Today is the BEST day in semester break, so far...

Hahahaha.... Reason? I met up with a dear old friend today.


Ok, she came back 3 weeks earlier and is in Ipoh the whole time. The problem is I mixed up her semester break with someone else's and she didn't know I was back last week. So we actually spent last week miserable... LOL...

Anyway, today we met up at Stadium and played SQUASH!! I've never played squash in my life before. The only knowledge I have of squash was to hit that rubber ball against the wall and hit it again when it comes again. How hard can it be? I mean, if Nicole David can do it, so can I... Or, that was what I thought...

We played for 1 hour and... dang... it was tiring... Suk Ning was kind enough to teach me how to hold the racquet, serve the ball, hit the ball. But sadly, I am a bad student... I just suck in squash... Hahaha... The longest consecutive stroke I did was FOUR stroke. And it was really tiring chasing the ball all over the court and not be able to hit it. Luckily I still cycle in campus, thus I still have some sort of stamina lying dormant within me. But I was dripping with sweat after the one-hour workout. Sorry Ning, I know I suck in the game and you are still patient enough to teach me slowly.

After that, we went to Stadium for drinks... Mana tau, all shops TUTUP... Only got a few malay stall. So we ended up in Woolley Food City.

We both ordered some desserts and we chatted for almost one hour, catching up with each other and talking about good old times...

After getting home and bathing, I did what I did best. I played the guitar for almost one and a half hour!! Haha... I am still practicing White Horse and Tears In Heaven. Still need a lot of practicing... But hell, it was fun, even my fingers sting like crazy!!

Today was the best day compared to my rather boring semester break. I am so jealous of those people who get to go on trips. I am so grounded at home due to some matters... Yea, I am rotting... But today, even though my whole body ache like crazy and my fingers are kinda red from jamming today, I still feel like a billion bucks!!

Thank you Suk Ning for asking me out today and giving me such a great time!! And thank god that I have my guitar with me all these time!!

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