Saturday, May 23, 2009

X Men Origin : Wolverine - A Review

Ever since this movie was speculated and in production, I was already anticipating it. Alas, it did not disappoint. Though the storyline may be a bit predictable for me (because I read the synopsis and I used to follow the cartoon when I was young) but the actions and the effects are still COOL!!!

The movie opened with young James Logan murdering his real father after thinking that his surrogate father was killed by his real father. Then Victor Creed, the half brother, brought him on a run and since they were immortal, they joined all kinds of wars, from cold wars to world wars to present wars. That was until Colonel William Stryker recruited them to join a team of super-mutants. When Logan cannot take the task assigned to him and his brother's enormous killing appetite, he left the team. Six years later, he was living a normal life in Canada with a girl named Kayla. But Kayla was killed by Victor, so were the members from the team. Logan embarked on a revenge journey and let Stryker put adamantium in him, making him indestructable. After a lot of twists and turns, it turned out that Victor was still working for Stryker and so was Kayla. Then a kickass action scene where we witnessed the birth of Deadpool. Later, Kayla died for real and Stryker blew out Logan's brain with adamantium bullets. However, since Logan can't die, he lived but with part of his memories missing.

Well, that explains everything in the X Men trilogy. Everything sorta falls into places. Like I said, the plot was very predictable to me but the thing that really attract me to the movie are the actors and of course, the actions. Can anyone make this movie hotter with the uber- sexy Hugh Jackman? I thought the screen was going to burst into flames when Wade Wilson, played by sexy Canadian Ryan Reynolds, where swinging those bullets- dodging swords!! And Liev Schreider as Sabretooth, can anyone play the role better than him? Not to forget the mutants that come in and go out with a bang, like Gambit (Taylor Kitsch), John (Will.I.Am), Agent Zero, and young Cyclops. Too bad, Wade Wilson had so little screen time and Deadpool was darn ugly. I thought it would be so much better if they follow the comic design where he wears a mask. And in this movie, we got to see Charles Xavier STANDING. Yup, without that wheelchair.

All in all, this is a good one. So worth watching.

Ratings : 8.5/10 . No matter you watched the X Men trilogy before this or not, you will still be enchanted by the movie. It is good enough to attract new fans yet very relevant to die hard fans. And this is a perfect movie to oogle at cool sexy guys with super powers!! And the soundtrack ROCKS too!!

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