Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Almudena Cid - A Piece Of Art

Almudena Cid Tostado is a Spanish rhythmic gymnast and the oldest competing rhythmic gymnast. She entered the finals of four consecutive Olympics, in Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

This is a piece of her work, with the ribbon. Not the highest scoring and technically accurate piece but I was nearly moved to tears by this piece. It may be her last Olympics and I can obviously see that she performed with her heart and soul in in. It is almost like watching Sasha Cohen in 2006 Nationals Figure Skating.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chronicles of Bicycles

Bicycle, such an important transport for students in UTAR... But with recent "unstability" amongst students (finals coming mar...) bicycle incidents seem to be very frequent nowadays....

For example, I fell like a dozen times from the bicycle in campus... And Zyenyi lost a paddle on the way up the "slope" in campus... Now, her antique bicycle is standing gloriously near the bridge overseeing the beautiul lake. And today, the most recent bicycle incident, Kar Yee's chain just broke off.... like "Krang krang krang..... PAAACCC...."

We were like ~crap, how is she gona cycle back?~
Zyenyi immediately SOS two experts, Chen Kit and Hien Fuh, to help.... In the process, of course many good samaritans stopped to help...

When the chain was decided that it is beyond repair, the guys were all thinking of how to help Kar Yee get home in the fastest way. And Chun Seng did the unimaginable!! He pushed and held Kar Yee's bicycle all the way back from campus to Westlake, with Kar Yee on the bike!! It was a stunt, at least to me la...

When they were going down slope, I was praying so hard that no one fall cause their bicycles were like, so close to each other. To me, a novice in bicycle- riding, that was a stunt!!

Anyway, we all got back safe and sound... And the two "heroes" efforts, although in vain, deserves many thanks (gosh, they were so kind to cycle all the way back to campus when they were already in Westlake)

A friend in need is a friend indeed...
That seems like a very useful quote at this phase of life...

More episodes to the Chronicles of Bicycles?? Interesting ones I hope.... ~~I have no intention of falling from a bike again!!~~

How I Wish

How I wish...
That I can press rewind
And relive moments of my life
Time is always the factor
It moves so fast before I can stop
Or is it my fault
For not taking a moment to ponder
To look around and appreciate?

How I wish
That I can touch the stars with my hands
And breathe the cold air from the peak of a mountain
And feel the warm breeze brushing against my skin
Instead of being imprisoned
By the walls of textbooks
Feeling hopelessly helpless
Because I just can't breathe

How I wish
That I can hold my dad's hands
And lie on his belly
And do nothing
But listen to his soft breathing
And feel the warmth of his protection

How I wish
That I can feel my mum's long black hair
Brushing against me
And taste the food that she made
So full of love and tender care
So full of taste and yet simple and bland

How I wish
That I can lean on my grandmother's
Lean and fragile frame
And feel the strength beneath her wrinkled skin
And listen to her soft voice
So full of wisdom and love

How I wish
That I can play a trick on my brother
And laugh our heads off
Just moments after
And enjoy the moment of silence between us
After the heart- felt laughter
Filled with unspoken understanding

How I wish
I can be the best of me
So that I can give them my very best
And never disappoint any of them
And take care of them forever
Because without them
I can never be who I am

Ryanne's Top 10

This is a post where I got so bored with maths that I simple feel like posting something.....

Ryanne's TOP 10

All Time Favourite Television Geeks
1. Charles Eppes from Numb3rs
2. Gil Grisson from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
3. Dr. Reid Spencer from Criminal Minds
4. Grant Imahara from Mythbuster
5. Hiro Nakamura from Heroes
6. Greg Sanders from CSI: Crime Scence Investigation
7. Abby Sciuto from NCIS
8. Special Agent Timothy McGee of NCIS
9. David Hodges from CSI : Crime Scene Investigation
10. Dr. Larry Fleinhardt from Numb3rs

All Time Cool Hot Television Guys
1. Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) from Supernatural
2. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) from Supernatural
3. Detective Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) from CSI: NY
4. Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) from Prison Break
5. Detective Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) from CSI :NY
6. Dr. Reid Spencer (Matthew Gray Gubbler) from Criminal Minds
7. John Connor (Thomas Dekker) from The Chronicles of Sarah Connor
8. Dr. Derek Shephard (Patrick Dempsey) from Grey's Anatomy
9. Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) from Grey's Anatomy
10. Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) from House

All Time Favourite Movies
1. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
2. Pirates of the Carribeans
3. Just Like Heaven
4. Bourne Trilogy
5. Pearl Harbor
6. Black Hawk Down
7. A Good Year
8. Moulin Rouge
9. Gladiator
10. Man of the Year

Hmmm..... That's it for the moment...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Learn from Mistakes

You most probably will not believe my luck this month.... and it's not the end of the month yet!!!

For the past few weeks, I had so many accidents I lost count. I fell from my bike, tripped, slipped, I don't know, did I miss out any? Got tonnes of bruises here and there..... And another tonne that I have no idea where I can it from... But last Friday was crappy. I cycled with my girls back to house after test, must have rolled over something, ran over the curb, and flew at least a few feet away from my bike. Gave the by- stander a big scare I guess... What to do, I am THAT clumsy... Got my RIGHT palm skinned.... ~~gosh, can't even write properly~~~ and another tonne of bruises... Thank god some good samaritans stopped. Thanks to Jiang Qin and Zhi Xin for taking my bike home... Thanks to Tao Hui for trying to help... Thanks to Nicole, Kumutha and Vanezsya for helping me get up... Thanks to Hien Fuh who tried to "bonceng" ~~alas, I'm too heavy and clumsy I guess~~ Thanks to Si Nan for walking me home... Thanks to Zyenyi for staying with me till my parents arrived... You guys are my true friends!!!

And thanks for a lot of other people who helped.

But the funny thing is that 2 different people told me the same thing on the very morning


So... lesson learnt... Friends in need are friends indeed!!!!
And of course, don't cycle too fast when going downslope...

Hope I don't add another bruise to myself by the end of the month... But no worries.... Nicole always says that the most qualified person in first aid, which is me, get the most bruises so that I can actually practice my skills on me... Hahaha.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stephane Lambiel- You are Beautiful

How every gentlemen should act

Girls, if you are reading this, please make sure your brothers or guy friends or boyfriends do not act like that.
Guys, if you are reading this, please make sure YOU are not in the offense line!!!

~ A guy should NEVER EVER raise his voice when speaking to a girls, or in fact, anyone, over any matter.

~ A guy with self decency should open doors or let ladies walk first. What is the point of being number ONE when the whole world think that you are RUDE??

~ A guy should dump away his male ego when interacting with a member of the opposite sex. Admit it if the girl is SMARTER than the guy!!

~ A guy should keep his dirty, chauvinistic and sexist remarks when speaking to girls. Do everything have to be related to SEX?? Or it's the only thing in a guy's brain??

~ A guy should know where is the line and when to cross the line. Some guys are either too full of themselves or they are just insensitive to their surrounding. They don't seem to understand the meaning of the word "BACK OFF!!'

~ A guy should have the manners to lose gracefully. If you are not as good as others, so what's the big deal?

~ A guy should be able to admit his mistakes. Why must they go all crazy when in fact, they are at fault?

~ A decent guy should not be spewing four-letter-words in every single sentence like nobody's business. If guys think that being foul-mouthed is cool, think again...

All in all, it's basic manner that guys should master. Think before you speak, consider before you act.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't Look Back In Anger

Haih.... Heavily influenced by Oasis when I type this entry.... Was listening to this song last night....

Kinda true.... Why look back in anger? Some things are better left alone... Referring to some very childish egoistic people here....

Life is too short to look things back in anger. We never know what will happen the next second. Do you really want to leave the world in anger? Do you want to have a lifetime of guilt and bring the regrets to your grave? Sometimes, a phone call to a long time no see friend or just a simple apology to someone will actually make life so much simpler....

Of course, don't be an insolent childish person who is not capable of forgiving and forgetting. Like the ancient chinese saying, "If you can forgive someone, just forgive someone." Some minor stuff is so forgettable but some stubborn people just can't let it down. Why hold grudge? Some stuff are better to be forgotten than to hold it so close to your heart. You are just making your life and eveybody else's life miserable. A regrettable life is a pity...

Thus, listen to the song, "Don't look back in anger" by Oasis... Digest the lyrics and understand it. Maybe it will make your life a little happier!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Occam's Razor

Something I discovered recently.... Actually I already knew this concept for sooooooo long... just that I forgot to use it.....

Occam's Razor.... is a principle by Occam, stating that the simplest thing is usually the answer.... Summary, make life simple by not making it complicated....

This is something that I've learnt to embrace only recently, courtesy of another good friend... Dr. Ng (more commonly known as NoNo la... among TE people) Sometimes the simplest ways are the answers to a lot of things... and very applicable in Maths..... Sadly, me, being the Science geek.... have the natural ability to make even the simplest thing complicated....

From now on..... let's just sit back and enjoy the roses in the gardens instead of rushing through everything to complicate things....

When you wanna say "Put some sodium chloride and acetic acid on my potato tubers.", shut up and rephrase the sentence. Just say, "Put some salt and ketchup on my fries." will be sufficient...

**yawn** late at night adi.... So let's not make tomorrow complicated and go to bed....


Finally manage to post something here....
Haiz..... Not a very positive note to start a blogpost... but who cares?

Today is so screwed up!!!! Chemistry and Maths test.... Think I flunk it cause I can't answer like...... 80% of the paper... Bye bye scholarship..... What to do.... Not putting enough time to study....

Today I nearly go to Ipoh with some good friends... Thought of unwinding myself after a week of hard work.... Too bad..... The "lau ya" Ipoh- Kampar bus took 2 hours to reach.... By the time the bus reach Kampar, it was already 3pm... So I went back to sleep... The 5 hours of solid, undisturbed sleep is the BEST!!!!

Tomorrow have to attend first aid course.... Don't really feel like it, but pay already, some more members compulsory.... Haih... Have to drag myself up then....

Anyway, I just re-did today's maths papers.... Turned out I can do most of the questions... just that I panicked in the hall and went BLANK..... That was the worst case scenario.... ~~crap~~ Post- mortem done, now gota get my ass up and work for finals (ARGH!!!!)


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