Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How I Wish

How I wish...
That I can press rewind
And relive moments of my life
Time is always the factor
It moves so fast before I can stop
Or is it my fault
For not taking a moment to ponder
To look around and appreciate?

How I wish
That I can touch the stars with my hands
And breathe the cold air from the peak of a mountain
And feel the warm breeze brushing against my skin
Instead of being imprisoned
By the walls of textbooks
Feeling hopelessly helpless
Because I just can't breathe

How I wish
That I can hold my dad's hands
And lie on his belly
And do nothing
But listen to his soft breathing
And feel the warmth of his protection

How I wish
That I can feel my mum's long black hair
Brushing against me
And taste the food that she made
So full of love and tender care
So full of taste and yet simple and bland

How I wish
That I can lean on my grandmother's
Lean and fragile frame
And feel the strength beneath her wrinkled skin
And listen to her soft voice
So full of wisdom and love

How I wish
That I can play a trick on my brother
And laugh our heads off
Just moments after
And enjoy the moment of silence between us
After the heart- felt laughter
Filled with unspoken understanding

How I wish
I can be the best of me
So that I can give them my very best
And never disappoint any of them
And take care of them forever
Because without them
I can never be who I am

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