Monday, August 18, 2008

Learn from Mistakes

You most probably will not believe my luck this month.... and it's not the end of the month yet!!!

For the past few weeks, I had so many accidents I lost count. I fell from my bike, tripped, slipped, I don't know, did I miss out any? Got tonnes of bruises here and there..... And another tonne that I have no idea where I can it from... But last Friday was crappy. I cycled with my girls back to house after test, must have rolled over something, ran over the curb, and flew at least a few feet away from my bike. Gave the by- stander a big scare I guess... What to do, I am THAT clumsy... Got my RIGHT palm skinned.... ~~gosh, can't even write properly~~~ and another tonne of bruises... Thank god some good samaritans stopped. Thanks to Jiang Qin and Zhi Xin for taking my bike home... Thanks to Tao Hui for trying to help... Thanks to Nicole, Kumutha and Vanezsya for helping me get up... Thanks to Hien Fuh who tried to "bonceng" ~~alas, I'm too heavy and clumsy I guess~~ Thanks to Si Nan for walking me home... Thanks to Zyenyi for staying with me till my parents arrived... You guys are my true friends!!!

And thanks for a lot of other people who helped.

But the funny thing is that 2 different people told me the same thing on the very morning


So... lesson learnt... Friends in need are friends indeed!!!!
And of course, don't cycle too fast when going downslope...

Hope I don't add another bruise to myself by the end of the month... But no worries.... Nicole always says that the most qualified person in first aid, which is me, get the most bruises so that I can actually practice my skills on me... Hahaha.....


Black Sano~Black Tan~Tan Si Nan said...

haha..u r welcome..
jus as a friend,we should help each other as we all study outside..

chinese gt 1 quote




Akatsuki Ayumi said...

Try to becareful next time... ><; Guess you alredi know that after u've got those bruises. Don't worry, it'll serve as a scar ('memo' will b a nicer words rite? xD) for ur future cycling precatuions... ^^;

Kar Yee


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