Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 Dresses - A Review

I watched this movie last night, because I was bored. But I am glad that I watched this movie.

This movie starred Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Malin Akerman and many god actors. The movie opened with young Jane claiming that she found her calling as a bridesmaid at a very young age. Then we saw an adult Jane (Katherine Heigl) arranging and being bridesmaid for two weddings on the same night. Later we discovered that Jane had been bridesmaid for 27 weddings, dedicating much of her life into taking care of other people. Kevin (James Marsden) a writer of newspaper column Commitment approached Jane with the intention of making her the subject of his column. Tess (Malin Akerman), Jane's younger sister dropped by for a visit and got hooked up with Jane's boss and long time crush. Jane was totally devastated when she had to arrange her own little sister's wedding to her love. But Kevin saw the other side of Jane that no one bother to notice and fell in love with her. After many twists and turns, Tess' wedding was cancelled and in the end, well, happily ever after ending... Don't want to spoil it for you guys...

I like this movie a lot. Maybe because I can personally relate to some feelings and experiences. Some people just had things easy and those who don't never get a chance to make a change because people tend to judge, stereotype and also taken for granted. I cannot help it but felt so happy for Jane because after so many people that she had to take care of, she finally put on the 28th dress and went for a wedding where she was no longer the supporting character but the main heroine of her own life. I wonder how many will have that privilege?

Ratings : 6.5/10. This is a chic flick, with expected plot and happily ever after endings. Very light and suitable for entertainment after a hard day's work.


NebbY said...

27 dresses! one of my fav movie leh-

so sweet....


Ryanne said...

me too!! nice right?


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