Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Discovery of the CENTURY

This discovery is the pioneer of its own field where many of the field's expert will look into this discovery and laugh. This discovery is not for the faint-hearted and humourless. This discovery will bring the skillful art to a whole new level. Activity subjects, beware, you will never be the same again once you witness this birth of new methods...

It is named as -- Methods To RAG Freshmen

This activity shall only be done by experts, namely the conspirators. Do not do try this at home.

Scenario 1
A walks down a corridor, holding a stack of papers, trips on something and falls down while the papers get scatter all around the floor. A sits on the floor and cry, " I'M DONE BEING A CLASS REP YOU MUDDERF*****" and rips the papers into tiny pieces...

Scenario 2
A wears a lab coat with messy hair and follows B around campus. B collapses onto the floor in cafeteria and A notes in notebook EXPERIMENT OF CYANIDE PRODUCTION-- SUCCESSFUL.

Scenario 3
A walks in library, suddenly laughs hysterically and exclaims, "MUM, I CAN'T DO 10 ASSIGNMENTS AT ONCE ANYMORE!!" Then continues walking...

Scenario 4
A goes up to the 2nd floor in Block D, sits on the rail, and shouts, "MY RESULTS LAST SEMESTER SUCKS... WITH CGPA 3.99 ONLY... I WANNA DIE!!"

Scenario 5
A pretends to be a staff by wearing a red lenyard. B grabs A by the collar and shakes the air out of A saying, "WHY DID YOU GIME SO LOW FOR THAT PAPER? YOU MAKE ME FAIL THE PAPER YOU *insert own profanity* !!!"

Scenario 6
A pretends to be a lecturer and exclaims loudly,"WHO WILL BE THE UNFORTUNATE 90% WHOM I WILL FAIL THIS SEMESTER... *evil laughs*"

Scenario 7
A wears bandages and confronts B while screaming, "WHY DID YOU MOW ME DOWN WITH YOUR CAR WHILE I WAS CYCLING LAST SEMESTER?"

Scenario 8
A eats in cafeteria, pulls out a bunch of fake hair, pants, wheezes, chokes, exclaims,"CAFETERIA FOOD IS RADIOACTIVE!!"

Scenario 9
A talks loudly to B about the ghost of a girl who haunts toilets in UTAR because another ghost killed her in campus.

Scenario 10
A walks in campus wearing ragged clothes and mumbles to self, "MONEY MONEY MONEY EVERYDAY OFFICE ASK MONEY... I HAVE TO SELL EVERYTHING TO STUDY..."

Okay, me and my best friend were THIS bored...

Come June, UTAR will be flooded with new students, an expectation of nearly 4500 new students this intake. Yup. With the limited space in campus ( they are taking waaaaaay too long to build that new block...) we reckon this will affect our creativity input and those, came out with this new discovery - Ways to rag freshmen, with hope that this can reduce the number of new students drastically, and increase some spaces for our butts in cafeteria... Okay, mostly because I mentioned that I will be so bored in campus without my roommate that she suggested that I go rag some freshies...

Disclaimer's note :
The conspirators of the ideas will NOT be responsible should any of these should happen in UTAR or any other campuses.

Good for laughs, eh?

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