Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My blog is DEAD.... For... almost two weeks.....

That is like... One of the longest period I've abandoned my blog... Gosh....

Mid terms and assignments and reports are raining like shit...
And it all accumulates at Mount Stressssssss that no doubt will one day, suffocate me to death!

So, I guess this blog will be in its dormant state for a longer period of time?

I'll share some YouTube stuff if I am lucky enough to have stable internet connections =)
Gotta hold back a little on reviews, unless you guys want reviews on how lab reports are being done, which I assure you, will endlessly bore you to death!

Meanwhile, do check out the updated "Great Things Blogged" on my right column.
Featured some new bloggers in the local blogosphere.
By local, I really mean local... Like right in my university local.
Good reads! Check them out =)

S'long fellas!
I'll be BACK!
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