Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Easy A : A Review

Thought it was a dumb movie. And it was only 1 hour 30 minutes.

But it was kinda of fun. Besides all the dumb fart jokes and sexual hints everywhere. This movie is actually enjoyable.

Maybe because nobody takes a movie about a high school virgin who lies about losing her virginity to a college guy and the news spread like wildfire which gives us this production too seriously.

I love the movie for 3 very simple reasons.

1. Emma Stone is AWESOME!
Seriously, before this, she is practically unheard of. Then there she goes, playing the slutty virgin to such perfection! Her acting is so convincing! Not to mention she is kinda HOT. (I have this tiny little lesbian crush on red heads) I personally think that she took an ordinary role and totally blew it out of proportion with her brilliant acting. Her emotions are so real like I can really see it in her eyes!

2. Love the spoofs and reference to classics
The entire movie is based on "Scarlet Letter" where adultery and shame is the main theme but with such added humour! Plus, there are references on classics and popular culture like Mark Twain, Romeo & Juliet, Gossip Girl on Sweet Valley in Travelling Pants. Kinda make me feel so related to Olive Panderghast.

3. Love the bits of bitterness amidst all the humour.
The movie highlights teen issues such as sex before marriage, religion extremists, homosexuals, fat people, glorious slut, stereotype, not to mention GOSSIP that spreads like wildfire. What started out as perfectly innocent became something so bad. However, I do think that some of the issues are presented in a not-so-funny "humour" but I do credit this movie for trying.

My favourite scenes are definitely the scene where Olive and Brandon fake sex. Grunts and yells and the "big finale". Literally had me laughing like a crazy girl! But scenes where Olive was totally devastated and Todd came to rescue were super touching!

Overall, my amazement and admiration for the movie came from me not expecting such teen chic flick to contain such amazing talents like Emma Stone and presentation of serious issues with such humorous delivery.

But what the hell happen to Amanda Bynes?

Ratings : 6.5/10

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InsaNe said...

6.5 wo~Seems funny~ lol
keep it for me xD


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