Sunday, February 22, 2009

I dreamt of you last night

See me. Lose me. Hold me. Let go of me. Talk to me. Ignore me. Call me. Hang up on me. Walk with me. Walk out on me. Listen to me. Tune me out. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Look at me. Look away. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Stay with me. Leave me. Smile at me. Cringe at me. Fear me. Trust me. Dare me. Ask me why. Stop caring me. Dance with me. Leave me standing. Remember me. Forget me. Humor me. Doubt me. Believe me. Question me. Amuse me. Take away my tears. Hug me. Sit with me. Laugh at me. Tell me I'm silly. Stare at me. Be angry with me. Confuse me. Puzzle me. Surprise me. Bore me. Run away with me. Run away from me. Despise me. Heal me. Fight me. Fight for me. Inspire me. Disappoint me. Join me. Quit me. Answer me. Make me wonder. Love me. Hate me.

I dream of you last night. I dream of you almost every night, only that you don't know.

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