Friday, February 13, 2009


Another piece of music interpretation of "Boy" by S.E.N.S
But I renamed it "Sakura" because I guess that is how the music feels to me.


Mid spring in a dreamland of Sakura
Wind kissed me ever so lightly on the face
Smelling of sweet Sakura
Like a brief encounter
With a lover long lost
Looking into its transient nature of life
Inspiration to conquer the fear of death
Will I ever be able to conquer any fear
Walking in the wakes of life
A galore of falling pink and white petals
Trying to catch every petal with only my palms
Heart still mellow
Even the tears were long dried
Sakura petals crushed beneath the feet
Like worthless pieces after its beautiful blossom
When the Hanami ends
Sakura will be forgotten
The splendor of pink and white will fade to grey

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