Friday, February 20, 2009

Wish. Relief

Another musical interpretation piece. This is "Wish. Relief" from S.E.N.S

~Click on the link to listen to the song~

Hope you enjoy it.

That the stars never go out in the night
So that I can stare at it till dawn
Knowing that I am not alone
Even when I saw you walking away
Leaving me in the dead of night
Staring at the stars
Wishing you would sit with me

That I danced with you in the rain
That I didn't hold on too tight
That you don't know me so well
That I didn't hurt you so deep
Can I rewind back time
And wish this all away?

I finally saw who I am
Hoping that I made the right decision
To let you walk away that night
Hoping you would feel better
Without me around you
Love without heart is meaningless
Life without you is not relief
But I am not worthy...


~~This is a piece where I can relate some of my own feelings to the music. It is filled with such melancholy, such sadness that I actually don't feel much relief. Maybe the ending part has a note of relief, like the author has finally let his/her feelings out. Haha... Just my two cents... Maybe my interpretation is completely different from the author...
This should be a beautiful piece to dance to... So soulful...

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