Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Results came out this morning. Officially, Year 1 Semester 2 of Foundation Studies ends.
My results were as expected, not so good but nonetheless, it is my hard work, so NO REGRETS!!

Someone asked me, if I had the chance, will I do Sem 2 differently?
My answer : No.

If I choose to do it differently, I would:
~ miss the greatest fun of Semester 2!!
~ miss a great lesson that was taught outside the lecture hall
~ miss the fun last minute study sessions with my friends, who helped me so much!!
~ not make so many friends in Semester 2.
~ not be close to the people that really care for me now
~ not be inspired by some of the best minds in UTAR
~ lose the opportunity to study smart instead of study hard (Gor Gor's study style works~~)
~ lose a great deal of fun and opportunity!!

Therefore, thank you people for the laughs and fun in Semester 2!!

Now let's get the engine started and get ready to kick some serious A$$ in Semester 3!!!

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