Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ip Man - A Review

This is a semi-biography of kungfu master Ip Man who united Chinese spirit during the Japanese Occupation in China.

The story depicts Master Ip Man who was a master in the Yong Chun fighting style having a private battle with another kungfu master. Mainly, the first half of the movie showed how gentleman Ip Man. He respected his wife, does not fight to win, discouraged violence, and all his other very gentleman mannerism. I almost got bored by the first half of the movie, until the plot thickens at the beginning of the Japanese Occupation.

Ip Man and his family was in poverty. Ip Man had no choice but to work in a charcoal mine, where he was recruited to challenge the Japanese Karate by a Japanese General. There, he realised a lot of Chinese were killed by brute martial art force. And the true kungfu master who won a bag of rice was shot in the head. Ip Man was raged with anger and challenge to fight 10 opponents at once. He defeated them like they were made out of matchsticks. This is where the action scenes got really interesting. The strength and force was so real, so brutal, so bone-breaking!!! It got me awed... Also because of his win in the fight, Ip Man got hunted down and challenge by the General for an open battle. In the open battle, Ip Man won and was shot by the General's assistant. He was rescued by best friend Qing Quan, where he and his family were migrated to Hong Kong. In the epilogue, it said that Ip Man founded the Yong Chun style society and taught celebrated kungfu star Bruce Lee his first moves.

This movie was great in the sense that things are realistic. Maybe it is mainly because the cast ar all rightful kungfu masters. Martial art choreographer who did Twins Effect and Shanghai Knight, Donnie Yen, played Master Ip Man. Other cast include Simon Yam, Fan Siu Wong, Lam Ka Tung and many more. The fights seemed so real and fast. The setting of the whole movie was also very classic and suitable. It leaves a deep impression even after watching as the scenes are really memorable.

Overall this is an entertaining movie with great actions. It doesn't look too polish or too well choreographed, which is why I like it so much.

This actor who plays the General, is soooo cute... I don't know his name sadly... Haha

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