Friday, February 20, 2009

Broken Window - A Review

A crime thriller by Jeffery Deaver, my all- time favourite thriller author. This book is indeed, an enjoyable read. The storyline is very much like Eagle Eye, the movie. But this one is way more frightening. A killer was on loose where victims were killed and innocent people were framed. This is all possible because of the power of knowledge. The killer has access to digital information, building and crumpling many people's lives. And when Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs got involved in the investigation, the killer turned the power of knowledge against them, tackling and killing those on the case one by one.

Alas, I shall not reveal more than I should. The whole book is full of surprises and it keeps me longing for more even after I flipped the last page. Very nicely written. And Deaver used the power of suspense well too. He actually made me prayed for the characters inside so that they don't die or get raped.

Overall, a book that keeps you on your toes and make you look over your shoulder when you feel like you are being watched.

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