Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get Smart - A review

Max ( Steve Carrell) was an analyst for the government intelligence who dreamt of becoming a great secret agent one day. But his boss, refused to promote him, despite his wonderful score marks, because he was so good in his job. When the Control was under attacked and the entire agency was compromised, the boss had no choice but to rely on Max and Agent99 (Anne Hathaway) Slapstick humour and actions developed all the way. Of course, there was romance and some "deep" soul searching. Overall, the movie was light- hearted and funny.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson played Agent 23, a tough guy agent who was funny in a serious way. But the funniest has to be the tech guys. They provided the whole thing with enough reasons to laugh at.

Nonetheless, Steve Carrell is the MAN!! Like the movie title suggested, Get Smart. He was smartly stupid and smartly funny.

However, thoughout the entire movie, I can't take my eyes off Anne Hathaway. No matter what character she plays, the Princess or Agent 99 or a drug addict or some struggling journalist, she is always so pretty!!

This is an entertaining movie suitable when you are extremely bored. Laugh your hearts out~~

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