Sunday, February 8, 2009


Throughout the entire exam study week, I indulged in a lot of sinfully rich food, all in the name of stress and also the self-persuasive reason of absorbing nutrients from the sinfully rich food. And this semester, study week coincide with Chinese New Year, which make things worse--- I've gain more than enough weight.... But who the hell cares? Indulgence is the utmost enjoyment.


When I am unhappy, I take these...

Sinfully rich chocolate cake!!!

Assorted chocolate!!!

When I am stressed out, I take these...

Cheese tarts!! Caker's Inn's cheese tarts are almost the best in Kampar!!

O... I miss Secret Recipe's cheesecake!!!

Pizza with sinfully extra cheese!!!

Sinfully rich lasagna baked with sinfully rich tomato sauce!!

When I wanna stay awake, I take these...

Sinfully oily french fries!!

Raisins--- Sinfully rich source of glucose!!

Potato chips or any kind of junk food!! Sinfully rich in calories!!

Mixed nuts... Very good brain food...

And obviously, carbs is the staple food for me...
Especially on crucial days like these!!! Hahaha...

Wheat bread or bun for breakfast...

Rice for lunch and dinner

Gold label's spaghetti ROCKS!!!

But nothing can beat a nice sinfully tasty bowl of TOM YAM!!

Alas... A chinese saying says,
"To eat is a blessing"


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