Sunday, February 22, 2009

World Thinking Day

Today is 22 February... A day to celebrate Thinking Day, the birthday of our joint founders, Lord and Lady Baden Powell. This year's theme is

On Friday, 20 February, I went back to school to help the girls with their ceremony. It was a short celebration. Just the flag ceremony and also song session.

Flag Ceremony by the pasukan panji-panji

Forming the Ladam Kuda, even under hot sun!! Undying Guiding spirit!!

But the best part was to see the girls march, even under the hot sun. Not forgetting, of course, meeting with my former juniors and also Stanee and Ms Sawaran, my mentors. Seemed like such a long time that I attended any Guides functions. Busy with uni life I guess... Must make it a point to attend in more events!!

Today, the official Thinking Day celebration, I volunteered in Wisma Pandu Puteri. It was a state level function, so I get to meet a lot of people from all over Perak and of course, to see my friends in other districts as well. I am surprised actually, that so many Guiders remember me... Hahaha... I must be one loud and naughty girl back then!!

Thank you Pn Supiah and Ms Chan for the offers to go to so many amazing place. Hope I can make it for International Gathering and Girl's Summit this year.
Thank you Pn Stanee for letting me help in so many things (more like mess things up!!)
Thank you Ms Sawaran for actually leaving the girls in my hands. Thanks for the trust.
Thank you Ms Ho for making me feel so much at home even with a hall full of strangers.
Big thanks to all the other guiders who taught me something on managing kids and getting things done the Guides' way.

A picture with my mentor, Ms Sawaran...
(Too bad Stanee was too busy for a picture~~ Next time, maybe...)

Me and Vivien Khoo
~Vivien, gambateh is your journey to Queen's Guide-dom~

MGS guides volunteered for choir
(Sorry guys, I missed the performance)

Last but not least, BIG THANKS to MGS GUIDES, for making this volunteered event so meaningful and fun!! I am officially a guider (an equivalent of trainer or teacher, to those who don't know... Hehe... ) but I am very much a kid at heart, still like to play a lot!!

Preparation for food fair

Two very "hiao" guides... Kah Hooi and Stephanie Leong

Kai Qi, me and Peng Han
My egg fried bread were selling like hot cakes!! (hot bread, literally, lol)

Kai Qi, Kah Hooi, me, Peng Han and Yi Ying

Volunteers for the food fair
Mostly MGS guides and a few outsiders

Volunteering for a good cause really makes me feel good, not to mention all the gila fun we had in the event. (Haha... Now you all know who fried bread paling tak hangus la!!) Hope to join you guys again for camp and also for whatever events!! Thank you girls, for making me look like a good leader. Hahahaha~~~

~~Session SS~~
Actually I look good in a Guider's uniform...
Hahaha... I wana get the official baju kebaya uniform!!

PS: If anyone has anymore pictures of the events, or those from your school, please share with us... And remember to sign in the Kinta Girl Guides Website. We need your support to help the community and also for the development of the girls' potential. ;)


cassandratangsueean said...

omg im so envious of you! get to be a guider..haha :) take care!

Ryanne said...

hehe... it's never too late to start!! perak is is need of volunteers now... come join me!!


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