Monday, February 23, 2009

Max Payne - A Review

Three words that summarised the whole movie... NOT WORTH WATCHING

1. Bland storyline. Everything happens in a way too predictable way. Surprise is way out of the window...
2. Very very confusing flashbacks. And repeating flashbacks too... Max Payne can't be having only the same scene over and over again with his wife... Show us something else!!
3. Was it a ghost busting movie or a revenge action flick? Why do I feel like I've watched a trashy remake of Constantine instead of a revenge shooting action flick?
4. They make girls look so un-cool. Ok, the outfits were kinda hot. But not every mob girl dress in Dominatrix leather tight corsets or super mini red skirts.
5. The movie totally make the cops look stupid and corrupted. Why is an ex-cop telling what the detective in charge what he should do? And why is everyone backing up on someone? Don't they carry out investigations and follow the evidence?
6. Boring actors. Mark Wahlberg can only give a very limited range of expression. He was like stony cold or screaming crazy throughout the entire movie. And the female lead really does nothing more than to look like a Dominatrix. Even the Prison Break guy, Amaury Nolasco, looked stupid in this movie. He was only allowed one expression... STONE FACED... And why is Olga Kurylenko acting so slutty in this movie?

Don't bother watching the movie. If you want to watch effects, go watch Wanted. If you want substance, go watch something else. Better still, chuck away Max Payne the movie and go play the game. It is so much more fun shooting people than watching him shoot people.

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avrilblake said...

i've downloaded dis movie,i'm goin 2 delete it rite away..thx 4 d d game better..haha~


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