Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hymm For Hope

After a series of incidents, I got the inspiration to write this poem. And I happened to have the time to perfect the words, so that now the words fit nicely into the melody~~
Haha... Can try singing it a bit but still awkward... A budding lyrics writer perhaps? ~wishful thinking~
But I was really inspired to write. I hope it can inspire you too...

Download song HERE

Let tears be bygone
Let wounds turn into scars
Something has gone cold
Like coffee on the stove
Bid this farewell
And learn to smile in the rain
And make life less of sorrow
And dance even in thunderstorm
Don't need a partner
To dance alone is good
Swirl in water
And make a splash in life

I sing this song
A sincere prayer
For strength to return
And help pick myself up
To stand up bravely
And walk with courage
Even after a great fall
A stumble from grace

The journey is hard
Full of curves and dead ends
But no worries
I have faith in me
For now I stay strong
A hymm of hope to stay on
Little troubles
You cannot stop me

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