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I read a blog post on Young's blog and decided to do a follow-up on his post.
Original post :

Misconceptions, I'll start with the definition... According to Oxford Dictionary, misconception is a belief or an idea that is not based on correct information, or that is not understood by people. Meaning, it is a stereotype or some generalised ideas people get simply by judging others.

The most common misconceptions I get? Well, just to share a few with no intention of offending anyone...

Studying UTAR has to mean that you are people who came from chinese-medium schools or are well-versed in Mandarin.
How wrong!! I can't speak or write that well, just well enough to communicate!

Speaking up means that you want attention or you are simply being bossy.
To me, speaking up is a mean of communication and also a way to draw out better ideas, not a way to grab attention.

Opinions of the fairer sex doesn't matter.
Anyone who thinks like that, hello? Which century do you live in? Leave the sexist remarks somewhere in the past and stay away from parliamentary debates too.

UTAR students are poor students who study in a cheap university.
UTAR offers courses at an affordable price where the extra money can go into other things like getting better books or materials. And not everyone there are poor people, some are pretty well off too!!

Smart and intelects are nerds who do not know how to have fun.
WRONG~~ Many of my friends who are smart and clever are great people who study hard and play even harder!!

When a guy and a girl become close, there must be "something" going on...
This one is a funny one... Can't a guy and a girl be simply FRIENDS? Why must the immature thought of "something fishy is going on" come into play?

People who study Art subjects are not-so-clever people.
WRONG!! Look at the accountants, the businessman, the sociologist, the psychologist, etc... They are categorised into Arts people and yet they contribute so much to society. In fact, I disagree with the idea of putting things into Science and Arts subjects... Many discipline requires skills from both Science and Arts...

Well, I shall not bore you all by listing more misconceptions and justifying them.
However, we cannot deny the existence of a certain stereotype or discrimination that people placed upon each other just because someone else of the same gender, race or background did something similar. Maybe we can at least try not to judge others. Who are we to judge others anyway?

PS: This post is just my two cents. I apologise in advance if I have offended any party.

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