Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am so addicted!!
I am addicted to playing guitar!!

Yea~~ Recently I picked up my guitar again and now I am happily strumming away my time... It is so addictive!! And the crazy need to want to play one song perfectly... It just made me spent mroe time practicing and playing!! How can an instrument be so addictive?

And also, despite my own seasoned nylon string guitar, I am also addicted to YY's brand new steel string guitar. Those string made my fingers itch like crazy and occasionally very painful too... But the seductive hum that each string produce... Oh my god... It is so worth the pain...

I've played so much on her guitar that the tips of my fingers turned hard within this week. And I am totally addicted to a song by Harlem Yu called Qing Fei De Yi... I must master the mute technique and make transitions smoother!!

Thanks to Ben for inspiring me to learn guitar...
Thanks to YY and Zac for the endless late night jamming sessions. You guys taught me so much!!

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