Monday, March 23, 2009

Practising HTML

Just Playing Around

Tomorrow is Web Page Practical Test. I am writing this entire thing in HTML code...
Yeah... I am a little freak out... So I better practice a bit now... I am a complete noob in web page design...

Web Page Design... Something that I really want to learn... But not really good at it... Praying hard that I don't screw up tomorrow.

By the way, I am listening to Taylor Swift's new album, Fearless. Very nice album. She writes beautiful songs and lyrics that I can relate too.

Oh my God... What am I doing? On the brink of doing a review when I am suppose to actually pratice my HTML? Never mind... I shall use this as an opportunity to brush up my skills...

Taylor Switft's new album has 13 songs.

The list are as follows:

  1. Fearless

  2. Fifteen

  3. Love Story

  4. Hey Stephen

  5. White Horse

  6. You Belong With Me

  7. Breathe

  8. Tell Me Why

  9. You're Not Sorry

  10. The Way I Loved You

  11. Forever &ambersen Always

  12. The Best Day

  13. Change

For more information of the album, click HERE

To view song list in album, click HERE

I am simply playing with HTML. Please don't shoot me for showing off... Or condemn me for being so low-tech... I admit that I suck in web page design...

By the way, the world


Stay Cool~~

I wonder why the paragraph tag create that awful lot of space in blogspot... Hhmm

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