Friday, March 27, 2009

Chronicles of Bicycle : Guy with NO Balls

Today, I was nonchalantly cycling back to my house from campus. When going down the slope, a guy was coming from the opposite direction. He was looking at his handphone and I assume that he was sms-ing. I shouted at him, he looked up and ~KABOOM~ Our bikes collided, head on.

We both fell to the ground. The handle of the bike hit me in the chest and stomach. I was sitting on the ground, clutching to my stomach. That guy just got up, cursed a very rude word at me, and sped away. Amazingly, there were a lot of passer-by, but none stop.

After the initial shock, I examined the bicycle. Oh boy... My front rim was completely out of shape. I can't even cycle!! And the boy ran away.


I was involved in a hit-an-run where I am the victim... WTF~~
My bike repair cost me a whole week's allowance... WTF~~
There is this huge blue black on my stomach now... WTF~~
And I didn't get a good look at the ball-less bastard... WTF~~

This, ladies and gentleman, is the perfect example of the mannerism of ball-less male. This guy hit a girl where it was his fault, he didn't apologise, let alone help the girl up or anything. Instead, he had the "balls" to curse and worst, he sped off!! OMG~~ That is sooooo irresponsible, and he call himself a university student... Shame on him...

This is what happen to my front rim.

From the side, you can see the extend of its "bengkok-ness".

RIP bike rim. You have served me well... T_T

PS: This guy wears spectacles and has spiky hair. He wears a white jacket carrying a Nike bag. If anyone of you guys know a guy that fits this description and had bike damage on this very fateful day, please tell him, I don't expect any disciplinary action to be taken but hey boy, time to grow some balls...


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Is this true?? I can't believe it!! >.<

★ÞŘįÑÇΣ☆¢Řĩ¢ĸέŦ★ said...

aiyoyo~ so kelian~
if u know who is the guy alrdy tell me~
i help u beat him~

Ryanne said...

To Amy,
Yes... This is true... Irresponsible guy...

To Cheese,
Haha... I duno who is that fellow wo... If not, I will sure beat him myself de!! Haha...


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