Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ritual of the Rain

This song is actually from Slumdog Millionaire. But listening to this song, Latika's Theme, somehow made me feel anew. Like it is the beginning after a ritual of cleansing.

Download song HERE.

Close my eyes
Smell the air
The air before the rain
Damp and moist
Refreshing and calming
Soothing and comforting
I walked right into the pour

A new adventure
The beginning of all ends
Let the rain wash it away
A new leash of life
A new breathe of air
A sigh of relief
Dropped the sack of burden
Into a well
Never to retrieve
And never to look back

Break into a run
Feel the drops of rain
Hit against my cold skin
Let it run freely down my hair
To bring away every tinge of sadness
And leave behind only memories

Smile at the memories
Laugh at the moments
Where the stomach trembles
And remember the words whispered
Into the ear and the heart

The principle of life
The alpha and omega
The cleansing ritual of the rain
A new chapter of life begins

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