Friday, March 6, 2009


It has been more than two days
That very faithful day
That you were took away from me
The day I bid you goodbye
My heart ache with misery
Not knowing when you will come back to me
Not knowing when will I see you again

The pain, the boredom, the misery
The loneliness, the eerie silence, the awkwards times
Why must the lightning striek you of all places?
Why must you be the unlucky one to part with me?
O my dear modem,
I hope they fix you soon
So that I can use the Internet at home again~~

PS: I was practically being bored to death, because the modem in my dorm was struck by lightning and I cannot access the Internet. No MSN, no emails, no blogging, no surfing, no assignment research, no NOTHING~~~
And at this very moment, I had to use the university's computer to blog... Because I was simply addicted to BLOGGING!!! Lol...

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