Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful Mind with Beautiful Music

Beautiful Mind, a movie about a maths genius, starring the legendary Russell Crowe. The movie was inspiring. But a movie can't be inspiring without some inspiring soundtrack. I managed to get my hands on the soundtrack, written by James Horner. This guy is a genius!!! The songs that he wrote... so inspiring, so thought provoking, so expressive.

I would like to share this album because at this very moment, this song inspired me. Reminds me of miracles, positive life, and of course, diamonds and smarties (for those of you that know the context)

Download entire album

1. Kaleidescope of Mathematics
2. Playing a Game of "Go"
3. Looking For The Next Great Idea
4. Creating Governing Dynamics
5. Cracking the Russian Codes
6. Nash Descends Into Parcher's World
7. First Drop Off, First Kiss
8. The Car Chase
9. Alicia Discover Nash's Dark World
10. Real or Imagined
11. Of One Heart Of One Mind
12. Saying Goodbye To Those You Love
13. Teaching Mathematics Again
14. The Prize of One's Life. The Prize of One's Mind
15. All Love Can Be
16. Closing Credits

Maybe I will upload more songs by James Horner...
Now still searching for more soundtrack by James Horner... Anyone have any good songs to share?

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