Friday, March 6, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

The movie that won so many Oscar... The movie that made so many movie goers cried... The movie that attracted people to watch it repeatedly...

Slumdog Millionaire opened with a teen being beat up and tortured by a local policeman for allegedly cheating in the popular reality game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The poor boy was then interviewed by an inspector. Jamal Malik, the boy who knew all the answers to the questions asked told him everything, from his childhood till his teen years, what happened and how he knew all the answers. I shall not spoil the story for you but every origin of his answer was touching and nice in a way. Through a series of really unfortunate incidents, he lost his mother, met the love of his life, got a lot of life experience and many more. The most touching part was when he grew up and he found his childhood love, Latika. Even though she was a ganster's mistress, he still loved her.

I liked the story a lot because it somehow reflects the slum and poverty of India. And also the movie potrays a positive outlook from Jamal's point of view. He lived as a street kid and stole for a living. His brother, Salim, turned into an assassin working for the mobsters. Jamal lost Latika. But the real spirit of the movie was that Jamal still lived on and continue to look for his brother and Latika. That potrays the strength of the human spirit. The most memorable and touching scene in the movie was when Jamal kissed Latika on her scar and slowly traced his mouth to hers. A guy who loved a woman so much that he doesn't mind if she is a virgin or not; or if she is ugly or not. That is something I really like about the scene.

The movie also has its funny moments. When young Jamal jumped into a pool of excrement just to get Amitabh Bachan's signature, it was simply hilarious and cute!! Also when Jamal tried to cheat and steal from a bunch of tourists in Taj Mahal. I was practically laughing my head off when he mentioned the "swimming pool" and the "car accident".

Overall, I think this movie deserves the Oscars it gets. It is a nice movie with a simple storyline and a very beautiful romance. Plus, did I mentioned that Dev Patel is cute?

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