Monday, August 10, 2009

17 Again - A Review

The synopsis and summary of this movie came across as a tested- and -true, cliche, typical Hollywood chic flick that is just another Disney-like scam to earn the highest grossing box office at the theaters. With the 13 Going On 30-like plot, and Zac Efron onboard, what can go wrong?

But after watching the movies, I'll have to say that this one is better than the rest!!

This movie is about Mike O'Donnell, a high school basketball star with a bright future walked away from college and everything else to start a family with his pregnant girlfriend. Years later, he was getting divorced from his high school sweetheart, Scarlett, with a beer belly, and no job. He met an old janitor and suddenly he got transformed into 17 years old again. He attended high school again, with his best friend pretending to be his father. Through this experience, he got to know how misunderstood his two children were and how much he neglected his family all those years. After lots of twist and turns, he saved his marriage, helped his kids and then... Happily ever after...

The plot is kind of predictable. The lines are predictable. Hell, everything is predictable. EXCEPT... The stuff Zac Efron said about premarital sex and virginity... I totally melted in front of my laptop... And also Ned and the principal suddenly speaking Lord of The Rings Elf Speak... Of course, the Zac Efron got down the sports car acting all cool and sexy... Also, Zac Efron tonguing his son's mother, aka his wife... (Er... complicated...)... There is also Zac Efron kicking the high school bully's ass with WORDS... The most memorable one... Zac Efron reading a letter to his wife with his o-so-teary-eyes...

Okay... Most of my friends... Correction... ALL of my friends know that I never like Zac Efron. And I absolutely think that High School Musical is retarded (No offense guys...) But this movie is such a breakthrough for Zac. He is no longer the musical guy but this movie really shows that he has stepped up his game into a real ACTING movie.

The humour is fun... Lots of memorable scenes... Zac Efron is definitely improving as an actor... The chemistry between the actors are great... I love this movie!!

Ratings : 8/10. So worth watching!!

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