Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yours Sincerely

It has been so long we don't get along
The misunderstanding is still going on
I spent so long thinking it was my fault
Turns out that you were just flawed
You break every single law
You made me mourn for so long
Do you even have a conscience?
For being a hypocrite?
I don't want to care now
Because you certainly don't
Tell me how can you sleep?
How can you live?
How can you walk with so many lies?
How can you breathe knowing all the broken hearts?

Today is the very day
That I decided I had enough
The last word you said had seal it all
You walked on the street like you are so innocent
Don't call me a liar because you lie every second
Pretending to be hurt by a girl
That trick don't work anymore
Do you even have self respect?
Putting on a mask while accusing others?
I don't want to care
Because you certainly don't
Tell me how can you speak?
How can you lie?
How can you stare them in the eyes and pretend?
How can you preach me about stuff you do?

Yours sincerely
You have been unmasked
I know who you are now
Just another ugly face hidden beneath innocence
Just another person who is irresponsible
Yours sincerely
I finally understand you
You are the one
The very one
That I am more than happy to stay away from

PS : This poem is heavily influenced by Hey Monday's How Do You Love Me Now.
I don't know why I wrote this but I sure feel good writing about it.

This poem is specially dedicated to someone very close to heart. F*** you.

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