Sunday, August 2, 2009

Once - A Review

Ben recommended me this movie and I watched it. Definitely good stuff!!

The story is about a guy who was a vacuum cleaner repairman by day and a street guitarist by night. He sang on the street everyday until he met a girl. This girl was from Czech Republic and she was a single mother where the husband sort of abandoned her and their daughter. After the guy heard the girl played fantastic piano, they played a very nice song together. Then next thing we knew is that they were recording some demo tapes together with a random band they found on the street. After the weekend, they admittedly had some kind of sparks going on. Then he left for London to get a record deal while she welcomed her husband to Dublin. The last scene was the girl playing a piano given by the guy while looking out the window.

The plot is relatively simple but extremely sweet. The meeting between the two leads, which are nameless by the way, is very cute. The songs are fantastic!! The guy, played by Glen Hansard, sings very very very well. And his look is so Irish and cool. The girl, played by Marketa Irglova, is very attractive too. And I love the Irish accent!! It is so distinctive!! The most memorable scene is when the both of them sang the song "Falling Slowly" in the music shop and there was a shot where the girl dragged her vacuum cleaner behind her while walking with the guy on the street. That is like so sweet!! And I so have the hots for musicians who writes songs for the one they love. By the way, his guitar with a hole in it ROCKS!!

The most amazing thing about this movie is that it is a romance movie, with minimal physical contact. There are no touching, no kissing, no sex, not even holding hands. But the "love" feeling in it is so strong. The songs that both the leads sang moved me very much. Those are songs about heartbreaks and emotions that I can relate to. My favourites are "Falling Slowly" and "Make Your Mind Up Now". The emotions are so strong and raw. And the lyrics are very powerful too!!

I really like this movie because in some unexplained ways, it seems really romantic but realistic to me. It is a blatant reminder of no matter how much you dream, you still have to live in reality. But the simple meeting between the leads, and the brief time they shared, is a beautiful evidence that little miracles happen.

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