Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Does It Feel?

I'm out of that cocoon of darkness. I am not that stubborn anymore.
I am completely over that issue now.

I guess everyone, at some point of our lives, are betrayed by someone, whether by purpose or by accident. A close friend whom you called a best friend stabbing you; A person whom you share secrets with bad mouthed you; A friend whom you gave 100% to only to be stabbed; People who say that they are your friends abandon you when you need them the most; People you care so much misunderstood you because they just don't know you that well; Many other circumstances break our hearts. That feeling of being betrayal is definitely not easy to swallow, especially if you have to see that person everyday or work closely with that person.

No doubt, life is not a bed of roses. We all have our ups and downs. And once in a while, God will place some obstacles in our path, to make us a better person.

A friend told me, "Why don't we just keep everyone at arm's length, don't trust anyone but ourselves. That way, we won't get hurt."

But another friend told me, "What is life if you don't let yourself fall and pick yourself up again?"

Is it worth it to lock our hearts up, keep the key away from sight and live our lives trusting no one? Is it worth it to never let anyone get into our hearts so that we don't get hurt? What is life then?

On the other hand, is it worth the pain? How many times can we pick ourselves up after being betrayed? How many times do we have to get hurt just because we let out hearts venture? Won't life be filled with sorrow and heart breaks then?

Nic K told me,
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain."

And I believe her.

World, I'd rather take my chances, allowing myself to take the risk of being hurt and betrayed all over again. At least I live through the feeling and learn to be a stronger person.

One thing I've learned from this entire affair is that not many friends can last forever. We might have known each other all our lives. But one little white lie, one little whisper, can ruin even the strongest foundation of friendships. So, enjoy the company of good friends when we are still friends. If our hearts are no longer chained, then cherish the moments we shared, because my life can never be the same without your presence in it, no matter how brief it was.

PS : Lately, I blogged about stuff that even I don't understand why I blog.

This piece is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who experienced almost the same situation as I did. Friend, time to let go...

Readers, feel free to comment on this issue...
Really appreciate different points of view.

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