Monday, August 31, 2009


I have been MIA for 3 days...
Nothing much blog- worthy on my part...

I bet no one wants to read about how I shop, cause it is a little frustrating to me because of various size, colour, style, price factors.
And I am a little sick of putting up stuff I cooked cause I don't really have the heart for experimenting stuff these days...

Anyway, since it is National Day, though I don't feel particularly patriotic this year, I checked out the 15Malaysia films under recommendations from Sze Wei.
My favourite so far is House and Chocolate. I am really anticipating Meter and Slovak Sling.

I gurantee you will not be disappointed.

These short films may not be clear to you at first. But after a few minutes of watching the films, you will sort of get the hidden message if you pay enough attention to the details. These films are quite unorthodox and certainly revolves around the many issues face by this community, not just another painted picture of all races living in perfect harmony.

Drop a comment on which film is your favourite ya?
I really think it is interesting to discuss the films
from various point of views!!


SJ said...

okie dokie. anyway, happy merdeka! =)

Ryanne said...

happy merdeka to you too!!
good luck for your trials tomorrow!!

kenwooi said...

i watched a few.. but didnt really get the real meaning of some of the videos.. Lumpur was good, but many went Oh that's St. Michael's and Padang Ipoh.. hmm..

Ryanne said...

haha... the films are quite deep actually... i didn't get most of it also... but after some thinking, i sort of understand parts of them... haven't watch Lumpur yet... but thanks for the recommendation!!


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